General Koba (A Sci Fi Alien Abduction Romance): The Force Series: Book 1

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Marilyn never imagined she’d have to leave Earth to find the love of her life.

From the moment Marilyn Romero wakes up on the alien ship, all she cares about is getting home to Earth. But the Atronox, the most notorious smugglers in the galaxy, have other ideas. The market for Earth women is booming, and they plan on cashing in.

There’s only one man who can help her.

General Koba, leader of the Force, has dedicated his life to stopping intergalactic criminal activity. All he cares about is maintaining law and order in the galaxy, until he boards the Atronox ship and meets an Earth women who takes his breath away.

Marilyn wants to go home, and Koba promises to take her there. The only problem? He’s never heard of Earth before. And he’s not sure he can let her go.

General Koba is the first book in the Force Series, featuring hunky intergalactic police officers and the Earth women they love. It’s a stand-alone, 52,000-word novel with no cliffhangers and a guaranteed happily ever after.