Stolen And Seduced: A SciFi Alien Romance

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Brought together by fate, their futures intertwined. That’s how the story goes, right?

They stand to lose everything.

River’s never had anyone constant in her life and she likes it that way—so she says. Emancipated at 15, she’s stomped her way to a small home and a business of her own. It isn’t much, but it’s all hers. Reading tarot cards for the gullible, she manages to make it until an alien kidnaps her for her future-telling talents.

Drem has spent his life fighting off the predators that roam his home planet. The seers tell of a far-seer, one in the distance who can end the suffering of his people. Steeling himself, he takes flight to find her and save his people. But he isn’t counting on the far-seer being unaware of his intentions and when she’s more fight than flight, something more than hope stirs in his chest.

Can River and Drem manage to come to an understanding before Drem’s homeland and his people are just one more footnote in the universe’s history?

This book is intended for adults only. It guarantees a happily ever after, but the characters may have a hard time getting there.