Jay z illuminati conspiracy – New World Order

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Jay z illuminati conspiracy revloutionary jay z worships the Hip hop industry evil and contaminated
Rihanna Jeezy lady gaga will smith jay z is a mason masonic symbols in hip hop , on to the next evil,
illuminati jay z illuminati jayz jayz illuminati jay z illuminati Jay z evil beyonce illuminati evil
illuminati in Hip hop , Industry


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  1. Alex Nicholas
    May 21, 2019

    Keep up the good work!!! The Lord is coming!!! As The Lord Jesus Christ said brood so the gate that leads to death!!! and narrow is the rode that leads and only a few find it!!!! We'll as my king of kings lord of lord said. For he is the WAY THE TRUTH AND THE TRUE LIFE I AM SEALED WITH MY LORDS SEAL OF APPROVAL I AM BOUGH PAID FOR BUY MY HOLY OF HOLYS BLOOD JESUS CHRIST NO ONE IN THIS WORLD IS PERFECT THERE WAS ONLY 1 MAN WHO WAS R MESSIAH THAT DIED ON THE CROSS FOR EVERYONES SINS AND WITH HIS LAST WORD HE SAID { FINISHED } WENT STRAIGHT INTO THE GROUND TOOK THE DEVIL ALONG WITH THE 4 ANGLES THAT HAS BEEN HELD DOWN IN CHAINS AND ONLY JESUS HAS THE POWER TO RELSE THEM THESE ARE THE LAST DAYS EVERYONE TIME TO SPEAKE CHRIST WORDS OF TRUTH ? WHAT WAS THE CROSS IF WE PICK UP THE CROSS FROM THE TOP ITS A SWORD HIS SWORD IS THE WORD OF GOD AND KNOW EVIL THE GATS OF HAIL CANNOT PREVAIL AGAINST IT OUR SWORD IS CHRIST JESUS WORDS IF ANYTHING ALL EVIL FEARS US JESUS HOLDS THE KEYS TO HELL THE 7 seals are THE KEYS THAT HE WILL BREAK DURING THE 7 yr great tribulation which we will not be here but on Lord Christ Jesus will transform us here on earth but in a moment as a twinkling of an eye like a thief in the night read Jude then read revelation chapter 3 to the church of Sardis and pchapter 4 to the church of Philadelphia witch is now the pope is coming in Philadelphia jan,6,2015 to lay down the law known as the Sunday law witch remember this everyone pleas will be a lie Sunday is not the seventh day on the day that we should rest on for god America made it look that way why because they think we are dummies the fist day is Sunday then Monday Tuesday wens-day and so on just keep that in mind and then think what's catholic churches all Idols Jesus on the cross I don't know about anyone else but like Jesus is alive he resurrected came right back to us and who so ever stands buy him and here's Jesus voice will know that he is The resurrection and the life and shall not die who believes in Jesus only those who against Jesus will die true death is hell those who gives evil power true life and Beauty Life that only r father has given us breathed into us don't be fooled as Jesus said the crafty one known as the serpent was a lier from the beginning he comes to kill still and destroy all that our father and Jesus loves us his children just spend time with him open yr arms and receive are lord JESUS full force take the keys to yr heart n give them to him leave all things to Jesus n watch n see how all will go perfect god bless

  2. greg swims
    May 21, 2019


  3. gaming cousins
    May 21, 2019

    Im tryin to do the same thing in mi city. Lets link...

  4. big stace
    May 21, 2019

    viva la revolution

  5. don killuminati
    May 21, 2019

    My old ways is what reminds me every day that i need to break free . so i guess im stumbling over my victories!

  6. dontizzle805
    May 21, 2019

    i had ur passion when i first found out bout jay z and everything bigger then him...i was pushin the word at first 2 everyone but i kinda fell back into old ways u kno

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