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Prambanan Temple Ancient Aliens

May 17, 2019 By

Are we’ve all thought about how the process of making the world’s most magnificent temple named Borobudur? The temple is obviously built on dynasty that in f.

We now live in modern times (see 21’st Century) but look on abab IX has built Prambanan. The location is on the border of the Special Region of Yogyakarta an.

A list of the most magnificent wonders which ancient civilizations have produced, including the Egyptian pyramids, the ancient city and temples at Machu Picc.

Kapal Tua Kuno di Punjulharjo – On July 28th, 2008, several residents at Punjulharjo village on Rembang district, Central Java was made ​​ponds. They dig up .


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  1. thevi selvi
    May 17, 2019

    At least in the old past, alien were friend with human, now they dont want come because so bad & stupid we are

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