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Alien Documentary | Ancient Aliens Alien Extraterrestrial 2015 SPACE & UNIVERSE

May 15, 2019 By

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6 Comments on "Alien Documentary | Ancient Aliens Alien Extraterrestrial 2015 SPACE & UNIVERSE"

  1. Mark Alkebulan
    May 15, 2019

    So Extraterrestrials are being Demonized as Evil because tgey shut down Nuclear Sites, thats a Good Thing
    The Bible said we would be visited in the Last Days ; tgat there would be Signs from the Heavens
    Are there Malevolent Extraterrestrials whon the Ancients would have referred ro as Demons, maybe, are there Benevolente Extraterrestrials referred to as Angels which come from Latin for "Messenger of God", for sure

  2. Purgatorrri
    May 15, 2019

    Why is this documentary so loud and repetitive? Highly annoyinig!

  3. Lee Bagshaw
    May 15, 2019

    If aliens existed and are capable of coming to earth then these fucks wudnt have to blink to deal with us

  4. Wolter Siegers
    May 15, 2019

    Dont believe in a alien atack

  5. adam sutton
    May 15, 2019


  6. Natashi Kawa
    May 15, 2019

    So great for me to have knowledge Space the earth

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