Ancient Aliens: The Evidence – David Hatcher Childress – Brilliant!

May 14, 2019 By

J Tyberonn – Earth-Keeper Star-Gate Videos 2017-View in HD Full Screen James Tyberonn Presents Remarkable Researcher, Anthropologist, Television Host & International Best Selling Author David Hatcher Childress . This extraordinary presentation is absolutely mesmerizing, truly well researched & articulately provided from start to finish. DC Childress, is the ‘Voice’ of the History Channel’s Award Winning, Avantgarde Series, ‘Ancient Aliens’, now entering its 7th season. David H Childress offers compelling evidence of a ‘Lost History’ of advanced past societies in which extra-terrestrial interface (Ancient Aliens), may have assisted humanity in provision of highly advanced technologies & indeed, may have inter-breed with humans ( as evidenced by discoveries of the elongated skulls of Peru, Asia & Egypt). This superb presentation is the amazing David Hatcher Childress at his very best, and provides ample evidence for deep re-consideration of main stream academia’s interpretation of human history regarding the origin, cosmology & chronicles of mankind. He reviews astonishing mysteries of megalithic structures , mythologies of cultures relating to a global flood, and stories of Star-Nation. This is well worth your time, you may want to watch it several times. Filmed Live at the Earth-Keeper Star-Gate Event Before a Sold-Out Audience of over 525 attendees. Enjoy !
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