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Real reason the media is bashing tim tebow



  1. KYLE & JADE
    May 13, 2019

    You lost as fuck

  2. Henry-Joe Murphy
    May 13, 2019

    Great job, my man! It's a CONSPIRACY sure enough. And interestingly enough the word "conspiracy" and "conspirators' can be found several time in the King James Bible.
    Stay STRONG in the LORD and in the POWER of His MIGHT!

  3. hydrostatic3g
    May 13, 2019

    Absolutely agree with you that there is a full on conspiracy going on. Just the other night, Tebow greatly outclasses 3rd yr pro Barkley with equal offense and defense. Barkley get's more oppurtunities, Tebow is told to gve up his dream. And, people are sheep and so easily lead to slaughter. These are the last days, in those days, they shall call good evil, and evil deeds good. We are living in a sick and perverted world. America is Babylon, judgement is coming and will be so terrible, that the angels of heaven will turn their faces from the misery that hass fallen upon the earth. Peace, glad you see it too

    May 13, 2019

    I don't think it was any secret they shunned him because of his faith.  I think that's EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANTED US TO THINK ALL ALONG. That way, they can stir up religious tension, taking us one step closer to the war on religion we're seeing today.

  5. matt lamb
    May 13, 2019

    hes comming

  6. Romans TenSeventeen
    May 13, 2019

    How about Tom Landry? Joe Gibbs? Russell Wilson? Colin Kapernick? Or even Lebron James? Gibbs in particular was much more outspoken about his Christian faith, but he was NEVER blacklisted(but instead won 3 Super Bowls). And as we all know, none of these other guys were blacklisted either.

    Now somehow Tebow deserves all of this sympathy treatment? FYI - these leagues ARE rigged and scripted(as you saw how it was the same script every week with Tebow in a Broncos uniform - do next to nothing for 3+ quarters, only to pull a "miracle" in the final quarter).

    And for that matter too - Bob Tebow(Tim's father) runs a VERY wicked international ministry that mirrors (Council on Foreign Relations member)Rick Warren's Global P.E.A.C.E. Plan.

    The Bob Tebow Evangelistic Association has been serving in the Philippines since 1985 with five major priorities: Evangelism, Church Planting, Pastor Training, an Orphanage, and the Training of the Next Generation of Evangelists.

    **Notice the last agenda(training of the next generation of evangelists) - it's a term meaning(especially the next generation part) to TARGET THE YOUTH(which is what Nazi Germany did to get children away from their parents so they can indoctrinate them with their Socialistic agendas).

  7. Dre Garner
    May 13, 2019

    I agree with you. Because of his Christian beliefs, Tebow never had a fighting chance. Since he refused to compromise the league threw him under the bus. Just like you said in the video, look at his college career stats and his stats when he played for Denver. This man was the truth, there's no possible way he suddenly out of the blue became a washed out athlete and just randomly lost all of his skills.

  8. Lennysunday
    May 13, 2019

    i think the same thing .. man .. almost like Elway shipped him off where he was guaranteed not to play... seemed like when he was here in Denver they called unsuccessful plays and Elway hated him .. F-that !!! 

  9. John Rick
    May 13, 2019

    Only 398 views? That's crazy man... Tim Tebow was really popular and the conspiracy against him should be brought to light. It's not right that these people are pulling all of the strings behind the scenes and manipulating everything... "they are pushing this stuff down our throats" is 100% correct... this year there has been the first openly gay NBA player & boxer to come out... The Bradley fight w/ Pac was rigged and they let Marquez get away with doing steroids to knock him out... EVIL

  10. John Rick
    May 13, 2019

    Yes! Right on man. There was clearly a conspiracy with pushing Tebow out. The powers that be certainly were against him. They don't want good role models in the spot light... he gave ALL of his endorsement money to charity, he was saving himself for marriage, and he constantly invoked God.... the other day I saw a newspaper article with a local football player doing the 'tebow'... that's dangerous for the agenda of the powers that be

  11. HardenedYoutubeVeteran
    May 13, 2019

    Also do you have any idea many devout Christians there are in the NFL? None of them are being pushed out of the way by anyone. Because they're actually good at what they do.

  12. HardenedYoutubeVeteran
    May 13, 2019

    So Tim Tebow had better first year numbers than Elway. And what does that mean in todays NFL? Absolutely nothing. You can't compare statistics of players now compared to 30 years ago. There's also the fact Elway didn't have a college offense specially designed to help him succeed like Tebow did. That because Tebow doesn't have the ability run an NFL offense. Combined that with the fact he has a career sub 50% completion % he doesn't belong on an NFL roster as a QB

  13. HardenedYoutubeVeteran
    May 13, 2019

    Bashed the media?? The only reason this guy stayed relevant because of the media. Anyone else would have been out of the league in 2 years. Tebow is a horrible QB. Good football player but can't throw worth a shit. The Broncos had some lucky and flukish wins in 2011 and there were games where Tebow played terrible but the defense bailed him out. Yet the media still praised Tebow. I anything there is a bias for Tim not against.

  14. Intel-Pick
    May 13, 2019

    Real Talk. Good Video and good observation. He also donates all of his endorsement money to charity. NFL cant make any money off him being a franchise QB, funny part, his rookie season numbers are BETTER than John Elways.

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