C2C Today – Erich Von Daniken 40,000 Years Ago Ancient Aliens Came to Planet Earth # 6

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C2C Today – Erich Von Daniken 40,000 Years Ago Ancient Aliens Came to Planet Earth # 6
COAST TO COAST AM. Erich von Däniken first presented, extra than forty years in the past, his principle of extraterrestrial touch with the historical international in his e book, Chariots of the Gods, which has had a far-achieving influence on enjoyment and technology. In the first half of the show, he reviewed his theories and discussed a number of his present day ventures. He posited that there have been ET visitations around 14,000 years in the past, and they stimulated humankind with their technological know-how–“they gave to our forefathers information approximately the moon, the solar…and our calendar,” he said. The UFOs that visit our planet these days, do no longer have a great deal direct contact with us, and will well be piloted by means of special beings than those who visited our planet hundreds of years ago, he cited.

Featured guests additionally encompass: Dean Sluyter
News segment visitors: Howard Bloom, Paola Harris

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