UFOs & Aliens: UFO Secrets – Area 51, Alien & UFO Encounters, Alien Civilizations & New World Order (Extraterrestrial, Alien Abduction, Conspiracy Theories, … Alien Technology, Alien Races Book 1)

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Revised 4th Edition published in May 2017

Including updated, NEW and expanded material!

Explore the Fascinating Universe of Aliens and UFOs!

Are you fascinated by the unknown? Have you seen a UFO? Do you want to know the truth about alien encounters?

With this Special Fourth Edition of UFOs and Aliens: UFO Secrets (& Conspiracies) – Area 51, Alien & UFO Encounters, Alien Civilizations & the New World Order (Conspiracy), you’ll learn what aliens are, what the Roswell UFO incident was, and how the UFO controversy began. You’ll also discover what Area 51 is — and why “ufologists” are so fascinated with this secretive facility.

You’ll also learn about the portrayal of aliens in pop culture, the ancient spiritual connections between religion and aliens, and the answers to many unanswered questions about alien hieroglyphics on Mars!

In this vast, new 4th Edition, you’ll learn so much more about the mysteries of the universe:

  • The Origin of J-Rod, the famous Grey Alien
  • Dangerous and Toxic Alien Life Forms
  • The Extremely Secretive S4 Section of Area 51
  • The 1993 International UFO Convention
  • More Alien Species, Like the Nordics, Pleadians, and Lyrians
  • Interdimensional and Time-Traveling Aliens
  • The Doraty Family, Gundiah, and Hudson Valley Abductions
  • Aliens Posing as Powerful Political Leaders
  • The Story of the Majestic 12 – including names and headshots!
  • The Real Stories Behind Intelligent Design and Scientology
  • The WOW Radio Signal
  • and Alien Languages and UFO Fun Facts

Also, you’ll discover fresh New Order secrets and the latest Alien and UFO News!

With its Special “Textbook” Formatting and Exercises, UFOs and Aliens Ensures You Understand Every Piece of This Essential Knowledge! In this intriguing guide, you’ll find out about alien encounters, abductions, and UFO Sightings. This book also describes crop circles and other unexplained phenomena that may be evidence of visitors from other worlds! You’ll discover what the New World Order is, whether alien civilizations are good or bad, and whether an alien invasion is imminent!

UFOs and Aliens even explains how “ancient aliens” may have facilitated or accelerated human development!

Hurry! Read this Expanded Fourth Edition of UFOs and Aliens: UFO Secrets (& Conspiracies) – Area 51, Alien & UFO Encounters, Alien Civilizations & the New World Order (Conspiracy) right away!

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