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UFO Files- Ancient Aliens

May 10, 2019 By


6 Comments on "UFO Files- Ancient Aliens"

  1. PAT123717
    May 10, 2019

    I think this was a History's Mysteries episode edited to include the UFO Files intro. But it's still a good one.

    The narrator here, David Ackroyd, did some of the Hist Myst.s along with some other dude named Arthur Kent. I looked it up, and Ackroyd only narrated the UFO Files: Alien Engineering.

  2. Mark Oliver
    May 10, 2019


  3. Vijay Kumar
    May 10, 2019

    Chemical influnce namely food preservatives, alchohol, medicines at large can cause such hullucinations, perceptions, use of bad language easily is one in uncontrollable vocabulary. understanding such statements require disengagment and purification of body and mind.......

  4. El chupacabra
    May 10, 2019

    I've seen many ufos, I am not fucking lying, and i am not crazy. I have seen more ufos than the president, or the queen. And the ufos i see fly at warp speeds- making our technology seem like childs play. The first one i saw was hovering, then shot off at warp speed without making a fucking sound. My mum also visited me after she died. Why do i get to know about aliens, the afterlufe, etc? Im not perfect either- please - why do i get this shitty knowledge, when no one gives a shit anyway- fuck you if you dont believe me! Im venting.

  5. J EU
    May 10, 2019

    People can't handle that humans might not be center of the universe

  6. InfinitusVires
    May 10, 2019

    that guy at 22.20 said that our minds can make up fantasy so easily, so we have to take the ancient tales with a grain of salt. lol

    thats funny, a brain cannot imagine something it does not know exists you fuck wit !!

    there is no doubt ancient life on earth was visited by E.T, its the only explanation for the ancient tales and stories on angels and battles in the sky.

    how many people look at the sea and imagine cream cakes having a party with 4 headed monkeys?


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