Ancient Aliens Debunked – (Full Movie)

May 8, 2019 By

Ancient Aliens Debunked – (Full Movie) – In this video the claims and theories of History Channel’s hit show ‘Ancient Aliens’ are completely refuted and shown to be nothing more than deception or misunderstandings on the part of the AA proponents. Some of the topics covered from the show are:

​Puma Punku, The Pyramids, Baalbek, Incan sites, Easter Island, Pacal’s rocket, The Nazca Lines, Tolima “fighter jets”, Egyptian “light bulb”, UFO’s in ancient art, The crystal skulls, Ezekiel’s Wheel, Ancient nuclear warfare, Vimana’s, Anunnaki, Nephilim and more.

All credit goes to Chris White and others who helped in the production of this film (all are listed in the credits at the end of the film).

Links to refences cited in the film:

Megalithic sites

Puma Punku:

​The Pyramids:


Incan Sites:

Easter Island:

Ancient artifacts

Pacal’s Rocket:

The Nazca Lines:

Tolima “Fighter Jets”:

Egyptian “Light Bulb”:

UFO’s in Ancient Art:

The Crystal Skulls:

Ancient text issues

Ezekiel’s Wheel:

Ancient Nuclear Warfare:




Misc. and Conclusion: