Lana Del Rey Illuminati Conspiracy Theory NEVER BEFORE HEARD

May 7, 2019 By

New conspiracy theory on Lana Del Rey. In this video we will be going over the singers very first songs under the name Lizzy Grant and Lana del Ray. This is only a THEORY and should be taken as. I hope you enjoy this video.

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5 Comments on "Lana Del Rey Illuminati Conspiracy Theory NEVER BEFORE HEARD"

  1. truth lover
    May 7, 2019

    I wish I could help her :(

  2. Drumin Rebel
    May 7, 2019

    very good job,nice selection and research.5*

  3. Diana Martinez
    May 7, 2019

    finally someone thinks the same i do. Lana's definetely been abused when she was younger and i hate to say that most likely now too because she HAS to be in the illuminati and its so sad. She wrote so so many beautiful songs as lizzy grant, may jailer.. but she wasnt successful and she knew that, and i bet all through her unsuccessful "career", people told her she had to sell her soul and i dont think she wanted to but she realized that was the only way people were gonna like her music and buy her albums ect. have you listened to her most recent album? So many of the last songs on the album are about her wanting to be free, and her desire to "change", it truly saddens me because she goes through so much because of her mistake but its not too late for her to get out if she truly truly wants to and God is her only way out, even if it takes dying. Thank you for this video

  4. Blah Hoop
    May 7, 2019

    I think she’s been abused many times by many different people

  5. thank you for this! I'm stunned and broken for her 😢

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