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Ancient Aliens the Forbidden Origins of Australian Aboriginals 2018

May 6, 2019 By

Ancient Australia as having a rich past that started long ago. Australia has been visited in the past by the Ancient Egyptians, Phoenicians, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, etc., along with the distinct possibility of an even more ancient Extra-terrestrial presence. We are trying to change the worldview of Australia (Ab)Original people and culture and their effect upon human development and civilisation under continual consultation with Original Elders throughout Australia we present this information under the banner of Wirritjin (Ramindjeri term.

Steven and Evan have co-written a series of books; “Constructing a New World Map”, “Mary Magdalene’s Dreaming”, and “Forgotten Origin” for the University Press of America. Both “Shunned” published by Possible Press, and the eBook “Ancient Aliens in Australia: Forgotten Origins of Humanity” co-written with Daniella Cardenas & Bruce Fenton, will be released soon.

Thanks to Cliff Dunning


19 Comments on "Ancient Aliens the Forbidden Origins of Australian Aboriginals 2018"

  1. Adam Petrie
    May 6, 2019

    Since when has white man been respectful of the indigenous Australian?

  2. Daniel Edwardsen
    May 6, 2019

    we are projected hence the reason all is vibrational a frequency, reptilians made us look at you're skin and ask why we have a reptilian part of the brain, and most of you know atleast 1 grey alien as all humans do and yes the voice in youre head is them

  3. matthew mann
    May 6, 2019

    Amazing artistry

  4. Heather Jensen
    May 6, 2019

    The govement used geniocide, to rid Indigenous Australians. Aboriginal culture holds the secret to the beginning of the worlds and universe. Life started here as it did in the universe. Australia is the promise land not Israel.

  5. jet li
    May 6, 2019

    Extra-terrestrial? Really. And Australians are not Aboriginal. Australians were all convicts and criminals, the aboriginies aren't even from there. And this is NOT a VIDEO! it's a slide show and a radio show.

  6. LX Forde
    May 6, 2019

    ah yes>>> b/c the evil whites STOLE committed genocide in Oz//N and S America & must continue to do so against the ORIGINALs>>> whats so AB>original about these natives? WE! are the criminals; the Strongs uncomfortably remind the authoritys of the inj ustices past and! present. And i say GOOD ON THEM!!!

  7. Dick Turpin
    May 6, 2019

    You are so full of bull...t mate.

  8. taleandclaw rock
    May 6, 2019

    Eye opening interview . How disgracefully and duplicitously offialdom treated this find, and contrasts completely with the committed deep respect, and true spirit of knowledge for the good of all, which is evidenced by the farmer, the Original Custodians, and Steven Strongs collaborative work and dare i say ceremony. One can only conclude there are certain interests in Australia, as globally, who absolutely deliberately suppress any evidence of human history that differs from the mainstream narrative.

  9. Martin Lang
    May 6, 2019

    The govts actions here is exactly the same reaction the powers that be that instructed the Smithsonian to either destroy or get rid of the giants being uncovered throughout the America's. They do not want this info to get out as we are (govt here in Oz) being instructed not to investigate.
    I bet the next find they will take all evidence and it will just "disappear".
    The best way to handle this is for farmers to directly mail researchers especially those on YouTube as it will get publicised and made known as it should, as it is our history.

  10. Harm Ebbers
    May 6, 2019

    get the facts straight on the skullthickness

  11. Randa Jaza
    May 6, 2019

    Consider the deposits of gold in Australia. Reckon Enki and Marduk were unaware of this?

    History is just so wrong. Thanks to Australia being the most bureaucratic nation in the world, true history cannot be proven.

    THANK GOD for the oral history of the beloved Aborigines.

  12. Jeebles e
    May 6, 2019

    Sounds like he's describing the star child skull. If anyone wants to look at it. Brien forester has a really good lecture compiling weird skulls

  13. David Murphy
    May 6, 2019

    humanoids wearing breathing apparatus. think about it. our air will be going to shit and surface life will soon become a vague memory for those of us in contact with the ant people and know how to read the trail signs and I guess we will go back to the real old ways. The man who thought up the Navajo code was Bill Auble. He is not the one who took credit for it though as you find the real high caliber personalities in life are like that. Mom was a VA nurse and he was an alcoholic. The race was on..So mom married the Crocodile Dundee of the Navajo Hopi Zuni res concerns in 4 corners. This fellow had a family and their karma was glued to a lone outpost on the edge of nowhere. Out of Kayenta and called Rainbow Bridge Trading Post. The 50s 60s 70s saw many Indian families breaking out large quantities of silver mostly bought and sold from the 1700s Vitorio stash. A powerful warlord whom mercilessly attacked Spanish silver and gold transports and mines and Indian slaves all over. Mexican slaves all over. These people want gold...lots if it. the king is getting used to tons delivered regularly and what perchance is going on my shipments must increase worldwide as I invest worldwide our stockholders love fat dividends and Spain is taking back Christian lands. asking Moslems to leave or lose your head and other sorry we invited you to our house and set up checkpoints to enforce laws no helping the enemy if they make it they make it and not well they don't. it is all dark environments as these religions are uniting energies until the genies are let out of our bottles and the hijynx begins... now nobody remembers what the genies agenzda and motus apperandus really are until it's too late as they all have secret plans to take over and run the the idiot humans think their little buddies are cute but they are taught to hold it on in till they get your trust....the fairies and winged sprites are bad enough the water sprites and mini mermaids. well yer pissin off the mermen talking to those mermaids and they are cute but jealousy being what it is most lone male humans find themselves in for the fight of their life as they now have neighbors and friends making sure yer shoes are tied together so be prepared for skiñned knees and elbows around the wee folk till they git used to ya. for God sake when dealing with any humanoid self aware organic life form, be an ambassador that they will remember as fun and a joy to be with. Study yoga and relaxation and being somewhere same time rest of life meditating. Pass this and yer on yer way to time travel. Oh heavenly father give to me a little gift OK? interdimensional bee bopping about the universe for a bit of fun and experiments I want to see the far reaches and the matching mirror universes and the accidental lockup of jackpots by matching the behaviour of my character on both sides of the two universes allowing such nonsense as human growth and evolution to occurr . and answering such questions as only a highly advanced censor platform could travel about seeing if it IS true that the universe is 100% all alive and alive material and all alive or the opposite that very little is alive...anywhere and that some galaxies don't even allow such low functioning warring expansionist maniacs to work out their expanding karmas seeding the dreams of sextillions of self aware beings...human beings if we could only overcome the screaming monkey the fearful lower self then we surely can't expect to wanna be sending out self sabotaging organisms onto the intergalactic scene baby. Do you even know who the owner of the milky way galaxy is? Believe me it's important and take a complete folder of crop circles. highly important. we are moving a group of half dozen skulls out of Washington we actually bought some. somebody needed money. ah death bed confessions .look out for LBJs mistress. Wow what a retrospect of ID"ing all the suspects at the payoff and killers and j.Edgar all blew town at 2:30am passing JFKs plane coming in to his last destination. But she drove him to the biggest et tu Brutus in all history. it's a miracle Soviets didn't take advantage of our weakness or generals gone mad convincing ignoramus' we are under attack let's really get em. yea go go go boom !

  14. John Miranda
    May 6, 2019

    Why are photos / video of the skulls not included in this video? None of the attached links in the description go to any information upon the skulls either. Incredibly UNPROFESSIONAL.

  15. Shiloh at Ps3Shiloh
    May 6, 2019

    It's really important to RESIST the New AIDS Movement, their dogmas, theological empherical sciences, THEIR AQUARIAN CONSPIRACY: Pure ANUNNAKI VATICAN FALLEN ANGELIC RELIGIONS. Time to get real, REALLY QUICK Study smart. Reason deductively. YHWH ELOHIM YAHUSHA is on the MOVE! Isaiah 4:5 TODAY! Pay close attention to VIDEO's V1 - V7 at the bottom of this link ..... "Angel's on Assignment" the Legacy continues .... SELAH

  16. Andrea Basquez
    May 6, 2019

    Dr./scientist Patrick Flanagan is the best to research Iif u realy want to gain wisdom/knowledge.

  17. Amanda B
    May 6, 2019

    Sweet .... woohoo bout time... 🤙👍🌌🌺

  18. John Lord
    May 6, 2019

    So much for the "Out of Africa" bogus racial origins. All the bogus DNA reports say that the aborigines of AUS/NZ are from Africa, ... when the real legends of the AUS/NZ say that THEY ARE THE REAL HOME OF THE BLACKS. And ONLY FROM THERE, did the black race out-migrate from AUS/NZ (by capture and enslavement) into India (and the start of their national caste system). Then, later, did other out-migrations move from India into the Mideast and Africa (Ethiopia, Nubian empire) at the time of (General) (Tut)MOSES of the 18th Egyptian dynasty, 1200s BCE. Then, later migrations did they migrate into the north and central regions of Africa.

  19. WayneCore WaYNeCoRe
    May 6, 2019

    I wish Australians still lived the way of the aboriginals. They had it correct way before we got here and wrecked the whole place.

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