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Ancient Aliens Debunked: New Research 3 hrs NO ADS

May 6, 2019 By

Mind Secrets Exposed 2.0: The Art and Science of Getting What Your Want
This amazing video is a walk-through of all the major theories of Ancient Aliens, and in each case a more probable, scientific and documented explanation of how humans could have done it.

Especially interesting research about how ancient people treated stone, and how comfortable they were handling it.

The mystery of how they built the pyramids is revealed through the recent documentation by French Architect Jean-Pierre Houdin.

You will see that you don’t need aliens. Rocks are hewn with precision of low tech instruments and tools made of rock, bronze and sand.


31 Comments on "Ancient Aliens Debunked: New Research 3 hrs NO ADS"

  1. fsbirdhouse
    May 6, 2019

    If Mr White's basic premise for this video is that all things found on earth were invented and actually made by our ancestors without the help of Ancient Aliens, I am in total lock step with him on that point. However it is disappointing to see he persists in a rather weak (By any standard) comparison of those artifacts he refers to as the Tolima Jets with fish. Those artifacts numbering over 18 that I have counted from different sources are not fish. The Tolima/Quimbaya peoples were excellent craftsman, and although given to stylization in their efforts always leave enough to recognize their intent, as have all artists down thru the ages in dealing with a fish subject as with this one exception that he has found, Seen here: None of the other craft found in this grouping seen here have a single feature found on actual fish beyond the eyes and teeth, and those do not make the case for his assertions that they are fish because they are to be found on nearly every generation of USA Warbird from 1940 until the present day as seen here And Here
    Not only American, but German aviators choose this for their own craft as far back as WWI, and that is nearly the whole history of fixed wing flight
    Why men should place those on the nose of aircraft we cannot say, but we cannot deny that it is a part of history and appears to have been done before on these craft. What we can say absolutely is that none of these model aircraft posses features that MUST be present in order to know the artists intent was that it should be recognized as a fish. Those being a Dorsal fin. A Caudal fin (Tailfin extending below the belly of the fish) or in no case are there scales depicted on any. The objects in question do exhibit known features not only recognized as engineered features on aircraft, those features are confirmed through multiple demonstrations of reproductions. The designs cut in the wings of some Seen here leave little doubt of the artists intent to convey a knowledge of wingtip vortex patterns Seen here Dave Herbert's demonstration of leading edge wing curli-cue/holes found on nearly all airliners in the form of long slats seen here may yet prove to be superior to current thinking as even Herbert's primitive hole generated barely controllable Hi-Lift as seen in his video at minute 6:42 It is unfortunate that Mr Whites video on this subject has inspired his disciples to spread his misinformation to the extent they have. These objects are not fish. They are model aircraft. What the source may have been for the sculptors for their creation is another conversation.

  2. Yuriza Jared
    May 6, 2019

    What you need to do is debunked your ass!!! Thank you!!!

    May 6, 2019

    Your like the occupants of Plato's cave.

  4. akshay tore
    May 6, 2019

    may be blocks made in molding by heating sand or by a lacer

  5. Jason .R
    May 6, 2019

    This didn't age well.

  6. ftumschk
    May 6, 2019

    3:58 "Compared to Puma Punku, the pyramids are child's play" - yeah, right! Just goes to show how lacking in objectivity these guys are.

  7. Randall Thompson
    May 6, 2019

    Moses does not describe the Earth from outer space at 1:45 and the Flat Earth is not a myth

  8. Eli Salas
    May 6, 2019

    Conspiracy theorists will not be happy

  9. Vladimir Tmogov
    May 6, 2019

    The funny thing is that nothing here is not debunked.

    You showed this video that you are fools. It shows the aliens who created humans.

  10. 2112cygnus1
    May 6, 2019

    i don't know if i am missing the point completely here, Maybe there is something i just don't get. but that diagram at 14.38. i don't see how it would be possible to
    cut a hole that shape with turns like that in it to thread a rope through anyway, Not with Chisels, Power Tools or drills of any kind or even lasers.

  11. Free Thinker
    May 6, 2019

    Humans are so desperate to believe in something "Anything" regardless of the evidence. Why? Answer, simple belief requires no thought. Seekers just want someone, anyone to give them the answers so long as the individual doesn't have to think for themselves. This goes for politics, religion, the ancient pass and so on. Hey why think for yourself just follow the Pied Pipper. You're are all slaves so why think?

  12. allan strand
    May 6, 2019

    What do say about the sumerian claytablets?, and the one showing how to navigate to earth in UK museum?

  13. Al Knight
    May 6, 2019

    Have you been to Pumupunku personally?

  14. Al Knight
    May 6, 2019

    So, what simple tools did the ancients use to lift 1 1/2 tons? That’s the number you give. And what simple tools make such sharp angles? What “detailed studies” do you refer to? Links to these, websites? Or are YOU just repeating someone else’s words in a book?

  15. Sami Abbott
    May 6, 2019

    Your theorys are just theorys , funny thing is that Ancient Alien Theorists could care less about what you think. There is no debunking of the debunking. Here is my Theory "GET A LIFE " AND TRY BUILDING A PYRAMID, AND MOVING THE BAALBEK STONES. Have fun!!!

  16. Anthony Crane
    May 6, 2019

    All the presenters, the explanations and the arguments on this presentation are Nothing but, By IDIOTS... Please let me extend your knowledge:.. Ancient Aliens did not came to Earth... They are just from the other side of the Borders just like now a days... They are Stupid Idiot Human Geniuses of the Lost Advance Civilization who played Gods and Destroyed their Advance Civilization... Exactly what the Stupid, Idiot Human Geniuses are doing playing Gods on this High Technology Civilization... If none of your can really understand what the Lost Advance Civilization are telling Humanity; The best all you Stupid, Idiot Geniuses can do for the Future Generation is STOP adding any more IDIOCY to Humanity... If your intentions are just so any of you can up load anything on YouTube or sell Books; You all are NOT doing Humanity a favor... IDIOTS... EXAMPLE of Stupid, Idiot, Genius = Albert Einstein: Wasted his life on this Testing Ground Called EARTH... Computing E=mc2; Relativity; Quantum Pee shit etc., Hypothesis and Theories trying to solve the Mystery of the Creation; BUT it did NOT cross or entered the Stupid Idiot's Mind that the Mystery of the Creation is Patented and Copy Right by the CREATOR and NO Human will be allowed to Infringe on it... If the Stupid Idiot used his Genius Mind in trying to help solve the Idiocy of Humanity then I can agree he is intelligent... "Idiots are NOT accepted in Heaven... There are NO Idiots in Heaven"... By ISA Dumagat...

  17. Sherif El Kadi
    May 6, 2019

    Shouldn't the Ancients be Geologists too ? Maybe the alien you just met was your turn to find this Geologist who says this and that. Are you prepared for your study :P Are you a Mr. Indoctrinated poisoned yet ? Or are you still trying to catch up ? That's one hek of a list of questions.
    All Scientist should be fixed on that Humans are the only Alien Beings on the planet we live in yet it is specially designed for all this life and beyond.
    Why have a STone Hammer if you know how to Mold one ?

  18. vudu8ball
    May 6, 2019

    Well let this be a warning to watch an entire video to the end. This one starts off like a skeptical science based critique and, in the end, becomes an argument for biblical truth. Honestly the biblical story is about as believable as the ancient alien story in my opinion. Is the idea of angels having sex with women and producing off spring any more believable than aliens having sex with women and producing off spring? I don't think so.

  19. vudu8ball
    May 6, 2019

    At 2:48:00 this video starts to go off the rails. The reduction of the human race to eight people would lead to all sorts of genetic problems. Such a bottle-neck would so up in the genetic record very clearly. There is a confirmed genetic bottle-neck at 75K BCE but it is associated with the eruption of mount Tauba in Indonesia and the subsequent environmental disruption. If the world flood happened as described we would all be a lot more like each other genetically than we are and more of us would have tails from incestuous breeding.

  20. vudu8ball
    May 6, 2019

    This video was very comprehensive. Thank you for posting. I always thought on the face of it that ancient aliens were crap but now I have the scholarly research to back it up. Thanks again.

  21. Ancient alien theory emerges every time they find something that looks advanved.
    if, us, modern humans have existed for over 200 000 years how could we have not had advanced civilizations or advanced technology 50,000 or 100,000? Were we dumb for 196,000 yesrs?

    As modern humans look what we have accomplished in JUST the last 140 years: Industry, automobiles, controlled flight, the telephone, Tesla, Einstein, Edison, electricity, the atomic bomb, jets, transistors and computer chips, Hawkins, the computer, the internet, cell phones and now smart phones, and so on.

    If we accomplished so much in just the past 140 years, one can only imagine what advanced techologies our ancestors created 100,000 years ago!

  22. Bert Cooper
    May 6, 2019

    Ah well this guy is full of crap too so wrong in so many things

  23. RedwoodTheElf
    May 6, 2019

    The Ancient Aliens argument in a nutshell: We have no witnesses to how these things were done, Therefore Aliens.

  24. michael manzo
    May 6, 2019

    I'd love to find out how much they got paid to sell out the human race and totally add to the b***** timeline that everyone is indoctrinated with since childhood

  25. michael manzo
    May 6, 2019

    All I'm saying is that everything we were taught from dinosaurs to cavemen Evolution it's all b***** and it's all a lie first of all all the the times and timelines are all f*** up because carbon dating sucks because everything has radiation and that f** with the timelines sometimes a thousand years difference so how can would you know when anything happened first of all everything keeps contradicting everything and I don't know how people don't see this all I got to say is believe in the Bible believe in Jesus because more and more it's showing that it's all true and everything they teach us is a life God bless

  26. Armin Repic
    May 6, 2019

    Why don't you just shut the fuck up and go back to the parents cellar you sure origin from?

  27. Kevin Rowe
    May 6, 2019

    Gratz on spending a good portion of your life researching and producing a 3 hour video to explain what the rest of us knew within 30 seconds of watching the show for the first time. You failed to fully refute the MAIN lesson of the show though. It doesn't matter what BS is coming out of his mouth, Tsoukalos' hair makes several indisputable arguments on it's own. In fact, you only reinforce this universal truth. Even with you narrating over it, as soon as his wig hits the screen I have my doubts.

  28. Tiempo Nuevo
    May 6, 2019

    I've seen bits and pieces of the evidence shown in this video. Considering that these people have the nerve to lie or omit a great lesson in just how other stories we hang on to could be lies too. I once saw a video on how the Egyptians even to day will use sand and water to cut through stone.

  29. Buzz Brew
    May 6, 2019

    what if illegal Mexicans exist already and build it

  30. Brian Doherty
    May 6, 2019

    Hum. I some how missed the independent lab that authenticated what kind of stone is where. And what make you an expert on masonry? Sounds like you are shoveling just as much shit!

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