Bobby Fisher – from chess prodigy to Illuminati conspiracy theorist

May 4, 2019 By

It is just one of those mysteries in life………no, not Bobby Fisher but that I was thinking about Bobby Fisher one morning and a few hours later ran into this video on a feed. Mind you, not many people are thinking about, writing about, or posting videos about Fisher on a regular basis—strange indeed.

Frank Brady’s book is Endgame-Bobby Fischer’s Remarkable Rise and Fall from America’s Brightest Prodigy to the Edge of Madness

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17 Comments on "Bobby Fisher – from chess prodigy to Illuminati conspiracy theorist"

  1. Backgammon Player
    May 4, 2019

    (((Ken Ammi

  2. Jim Zorn
    May 4, 2019

    Most conspiracy theorists don't think of themselves as anti-American, but rather as patriots. It's not that they don't like America, but rather, that they don't like the people in charge who had been destroying America.

  3. Mohammed Hosein
    May 4, 2019

    jews aer the authors of fake news . Jews are not nice people.

  4. Eduard Caupa
    May 4, 2019

    Putting a chess-player like Bobby Fischer on a terrorist-threat-list, shows to the world who really suffers from paranoia. Way to go WARnites States of ARMYrica & IsraHELL. Hahaha.🤣

    The WARnited States of ARMYrica and the zioNAZI globalists tried to kill Bobby Fischer, they chase him to death and that's a fact. The whole world today now knows how right Mister Bobby Fischer was with everything he said.🤔

    Mister Bobby Fischer

    Go To Hell Soon
    WARnited States of ARMYrica & IsraHELL

    And, cheers.🥂🍹

  5. Tiny Tim
    May 4, 2019

    I fucking love how he thinks it's so strange that you wouldn't learn a new language just to read a book

  6. Jan Green
    May 4, 2019

    Bobby was the best chess player ever.

  7. Stephen Virtudazo
    May 4, 2019

    Fischer was ahead of his time. He already knows the Illuminati & the NWO on how they manipulate the masses for that's why he always runs away from media exposure. You can't be a genius without knowing all the details of something you've studied your whole life. Geniuses like Fischer cannot easily be swayed by conspiracy theories without searching the whole truth, he knows it because he saw it with his very own eyes and tries to tell the truth to Americans and people thought he's crazy for speaking the truth. Look at the destruction of America created by these evil Jewlluminatis today.

  8. Shawn Roberts
    May 4, 2019

    Frank, are you just making stuff up? Fischer played Mar Del Plata in 1960. At that time, Jackson Pollock had been DEAD 4 years lol. No wonder Bobby didn’t notice him “at a nearby table”...I further doubt Frank Kline was there, since in the spring of 1960, he wasn’t spending much time at the Cedar. In fact, he hadn’t been there much at all since Pollock died and de Kooning stopped going there, preferring the more posh uptown joints. When you write nonfiction, don’t make stuff up, no matter how cool it sounds to illustrate how zeroed-in on chess Bobby was. Making up stories in your biography casts shade on your credibility as an author.

  9. deanna b
    May 4, 2019

    Fuck the International Jewry and their satanic shit. Bobby Fisher was right.

  10. Marc Weeks
    May 4, 2019

    It is just one of those mysteries in life--WHY CAN'T YOU SPELL HIS NAME RIGHT?

  11. Robert Harrington
    May 4, 2019

    Jackson Pollock was not at the Cedar bar in the 1960s. Not possible. He died in 1956.

  12. discouniverse
    May 4, 2019

    they put a lot of efforts to derogate good people which expose them

  13. R-Jay Franc
    May 4, 2019

    true about Jews....despicable world snakes....great Bobby.

  14. dante Boban
    May 4, 2019

    Bobby was Right!

  15. Mack Mack
    May 4, 2019

    This Jew was severely red pilled.

  16. TM3000
    May 4, 2019

    Why did you say illuminati conspiracy theorist? This video doesn't talk about this at all. Talks about a chess master who apparently became unAmerican.

  17. debess
    May 4, 2019

    Bobby Fischer had it right...he was called "paranoid" and "delusional" by those who wished to discredit him, but in fact he had good reason to distrust TPTB. I play chess and found a review of the new Fischer movie, "Pawn Sacrifice" by someone who knew Fischer well. Thought you might find this interesting. I haven't seen it yet. From a recent post on

    I was invited to an advanced screening of the movie Pawn Sacrifice held
    on Thursday, August 13, 2015 at 10AM in New York City, based on the
    fact that I had been a close friend of Bobby Fischer.

    I was invited to the screening by Katherine Matthews. Only three other
    people were there. Two were non-chess players who work for Chess in
    the Schools. I do not know if other advanced screenings were held.

    After the screening, I sent my comments on the movie as follows:

    The movie was wonderful, marvelous. It brought tears to my eyes.
    I had no idea it would be so good.

    It accurately depicted the turmoil going on within Fischer and the turmoil
    going on outside of him while he was on his way to the World Championship.

    The movie is intended to provide entertainment and not to be historically
    accurate. However, there are mistakes in the movie and it would be best
    to have them corrected, if possible, before the release of the movie in
    September 2015.

    The movie calls the Chief Arbiter Wolfgang Schmid. His actual name
    was Lothar Schmid. I see you have corrected it on the website but it
    needs to be corrected in the sound track too.

    Carmine Nigro who was Bobby's first and only teacher was not one of
    the top 25 rated players in the country. He was a Class B player but did
    not have an official rating. The movie depicts him as being with Bobby
    all the way from the beginning in about 1949 to the Fischer Spassky
    Match in Reykjavik Iceland in 1972. In reality, Carmine Nigro had only a
    brief relationship with Fischer lasting only a few years at most.

    William Lombardy will not like the way he is depicted but that is his own
    fault as he refused to cooperate in the making of the movie.

    It shows Lombardy first meeting and becoming involved with him at the
    time of the Olympiad in Yugoslavia. That is not true. I first met both
    Fischer and Lombardy together at the November, 1956 Eastern States
    Open Chess Championship in Washington DC, so Fischer and
    Lombardy were together at that time.

    You scan see our pictures together at

    The movie shows Lombardy continuously involved with Fischer from
    their first meeting until the 1972 match. Not true. Lombardy dropped out
    of chess in 1961 after deciding to become a Catholic Priest. He did not
    become involved with Fischer again until the time of the 1972 match. In
    between those years Fischer was mostly involved with Grandmaster
    Larry Evans.

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