Illuminati in The Music Industry : The Satan Conspiracy

May 2, 2019 By

Illuminati The Music Industry 2013 PART 1 and 2

the satan conspiracy


4 Comments on "Illuminati in The Music Industry : The Satan Conspiracy"

  1. anonymousmaple
    May 2, 2019

    Look at the Trayvon Martin case…again. Also, the Michael that was killed was not the real michael. I encourage you to look at pictures of Michael spanning the decades because cloning is real and has been for some time. They have massive underground bases in which clones of celebrities are made. Try to think about why people would need to be replaced.

  2. graham diggins
    May 2, 2019

    You are quoting the bible to back up points as if it were literal. The bible and particularly John 2:15 was written by the church and world leaders of the time (Kings and Queens) to trick the masses of uneducated slaves into not believing there was anything of value for them in this life on earth. Thus letting the church take EVERYTHING unchallenged for fear of going to hell or not being allowed to enter heaven. I totally agree with the music industry taking advantage of artists! It always has and always will. If these artists are too stupid or attention hungry at the time to read what they are signing its their own fault! If it happens time and time again with the same end like Micheal says then WHY THE FUCK would the artists keep signing! Because its all a gamble and fortune favors the bold, its that simple.

  3. AAAyyyGGG
    May 2, 2019

    I wasn't surprised to see Lady Gaga in this. Never seen such a revolting specimen...

  4. TheDeathwalker86
    May 2, 2019

    Why don't you just speak with a real voice instead of this black captain kirk thing your doing also your god is evil he made us sick and demands we be well hides his existence and then asks us to believe in him or we'll suffer for ever ... . For ever that's a, long time for not believe in some dude named jess was god

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