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Serpent Mound – Ancient Aliens in America?

April 30, 2019 By

Let’s take a look at the Great Serpent Mound in Ohio and I am going to show you some solid evidence of extraterrestrial connection to this amazing structure. The specialty of this structure is that you can’t really see the entire serpent from any one point in the ground. From this aerial video, you can easily understand that the Serpent Mound was designed to be viewed from above. Now compare this aerial view with what we can see from the ground level. It is obviously constructed to be viewed from the air, but who could have viewed it a thousand years ago other than ancient astronauts?

Let’s examine the construction of the Serpent Mound. Do we really need extraterrestrials to create a raised pile of dirt on the ground? The simple and straight forward answer is No, we don’t need aliens to create a mound like this, but there is one serious problem. The Serpent Mound is not just a random pile of dirt, but aligns itself perfectly with all the major solar and lunar events. For example, these three coils of the Serpent line up accurately with all the Solstice and Equinox events. But what is more surprising is that these coils also align precisely with 6 major lunar events. If this is not enough, the Serpent Mound also matches with constellation Draco and is even geometrically connected to other ancient structures in the world.

So it is obvious that the Serpent Mound is not just a simple of pile of dirt, but a carefully designed structure that harbors spectacular scientific information. To create something like this, it is absolutely essential that the builders had knowledge of writing, measurements and advanced astronomy. But according to archaeologists, ancient Native Americans could not write, do measurements and did not have great astronomical knowledge.
Another feature that baffles archeologists is that the Serpent mound was not constructed simply by piling dirt on the ground. It has 3 distinct layers composed of stones, clay and black top soil. In addition to this, the Serpent was once covered with huge rectangular stones like these. This dolomite stone is about 10 feet long and 2 feet in width and depth and weighs about 4500 pounds. Imagine how many of these plinths would be needed to place on top of the Serpent Mound which stretches a quarter mile long. This means that the builders used wheels, Pack Animals and must have had a significant amount of able bodied men. Again, archeologists tell us that ancient Native Americans did not use wheels or pack animals. Historians and archaeologists agree that a thousand years ago, Native Americans lived a nomadic life with no more than 200 people at any one place.

So, it is impossible that the Serpent Mound was created by a group of 200 hunter-gatherers without advanced technology, written language and astronomical knowledge.

If Native Americans did not build the Serpent Mound, who really built it? The astonishing truth is that it was built by Giants who were more than 7 feet tall. This is unbelievable, but we have solid archaeological evidence of these Giant Mound Builders and they are documented in standard text books. For example, Don Dragoo, a renowned archaeologist talks about a Giant Skeleton which he personally excavated in a book called “Mounds for the Dead “.

Here is a picture of a skeleton found 3 feet below the surface near the Serpent Mound. This skeleton was measured to be seven feet tall. Now the really bizarre part is that this skeleton did not have any bones below the knees and it still measured 7 feet tall, which means that the original height of this Giant would have been over 9 feet tall. These are just a few examples to prove that the Mound builders were in fact Giants. There are literally hundreds of photographs, paper clips and even recorded eyewitness accounts to show categorically that Giants built these mounds in Ohio Valley.

But why did these Giants who lived on earth, create the Serpent mound which can be seen only by extraterrestrials? How are these Giants related to otherworldly beings? If we look into ancient texts from all over the world, they unanimously state that these Giants were the offspring born to human mothers and extraterrestrial fathers. In the Bible, these Giants are called Nephilims and are portrayed as a genetic blend between humans and Gods. In Hindu texts, many Giants are recorded as being born to human mothers and Fathers who were Gods.

If these accounts are true, were the mound builders also born as a hybrid between aliens and human beings?

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45 Comments on "Serpent Mound – Ancient Aliens in America?"

  1. Luke Lazat
    April 30, 2019

    Fantastic vid, you present info in a clear and ordered manner.  Keep up the great work!

  2. Boyd Hudson
    April 30, 2019

    JRE podcast 1284 with the great Graham Hancock led me here and you summarise exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much. Hope to visit this site one day.

  3. Lyle Johnson
    April 30, 2019

    Never ignore any possibility of how and who built it. Years ago my Wife and her Brother and his Wife visited here.

  4. Mindful Blessings
    April 30, 2019

    I'm Iroquois, and other tribes will tell you they did and do not make mounds....these were built by the giants (their bones are underneath). We natives know that you do not mess with them or go near them. Very evil race, they worked with the "gods/extraterrestrials", because they are of them (Genesis 6). As you will see them all over the world. We know to stay away, and leave them alone(the land is considered to be cursed). The snake swallowing the egg (is represented as humanity-we are the seed of Adam and Eve), they(serpent seed) has always tried to annihilate the human race many times over. The energy field is absolutely real, the way it's (and other mounds of theirs), are on natural lay lines. It's very negative energy is because they were, and are evil. They will be coming back, as some of us tribes are preparing for their return, and we are preparing to fight.

  5. Michael Mendillo
    April 30, 2019

    I would sure like to spend time in that area. The cave system sounds very intresting! I am sure the people who built the mound would have known about them and possibly left clues in them,,, TY Brother,,,,, 😁✌

  6. Axlotl77
    April 30, 2019


  7. Just One
    April 30, 2019

    Watching it on Ancient Aliens right now.👍

  8. Eric Grieves
    April 30, 2019

    Its on the edge of a meteor crater. The valley below is that crater. It has long been known that a meteor punched through the earths crust here about 100,000 years ago. This probably deposited a large iron or nickel and other elements deposit along with it. Thus the lightning strikes. But it is part of the Cohokia culture from Missouri. Ft. Hill is just upsream about 6 miles. This video is a good bit of bs. There are other mounds dotting the area. Please read from other sources than this video.

  9. 1okanaganguy
    April 30, 2019

    Not all Indians societies were using seasonal ("nomadic") living spaces, many were permanent. Cahokia was thre largest city in North America, per Catholicism.

  10. nick911ist
    April 30, 2019

    amazing stuff..i have never heard about this place..keep it up!!great channel!!!!

  11. Dallas DautermanDallas
    April 30, 2019

    Real evidence disproves faulty measurements& exaggerations of "the old days", but so many cling to disproven legends, fables,& conspiracy theories of giants& extraterrestrials, while rejecting the actual fully documented archaeological records available. (Not to be confused with "fringe site" videos like this one.

  12. Matt Anderson
    April 30, 2019

    The serpent is a symbol for the Nachash who was Enki and his youngest son Ningishzidda.

  13. Matt Anderson
    April 30, 2019

    Nefilim also has the same meaning as Anunnaki Those Who Came down from Heaven to Earth.

  14. Lt. Surok
    April 30, 2019

    Naga(reptile race) monuments and landmarks are everywhere all over the world, fascinating!

  15. Edy Sedgewick
    April 30, 2019

    Science move different way in the past. people tends to develop psicic ability. They might able to levitate, like other spiritual guru in India

  16. rememberyj
    April 30, 2019

    great vid.

  17. Anne Françoise
    April 30, 2019

    Interesting video again, but I cannot agree this time with some of your assertions. First of all, the constellation Draco was purposely chosen here, as a reminder. It is the "serpent" of Genesis telling us that earth ceased to be a garden of Eden because of a fragmented cometary hit. The comet has a ~1000-years orbital period. The only comet I found that would fit is comet Borisov C/2016 R3. It left now the inner solar system and won't come back for another 1000 years. The placement of the stones were done without horses and without a great amount of manpower. As for the communication, I could not see in your footage any "antenna", "tuning forks", "resonator": so, no, it was not meant for communication with "extra-terrestrials" (aka meteor burst communication).

  18. Anne Françoise
    April 30, 2019

    There are no extra-terrestrials others than space rocks from the meteoroid to the star sizes. What is believed to be extra-terrestrials were de facto humans with advanced technology. Let's start with a simple question: why were the ancients, 8000 even 9000 years ago, mining copper? Not for tools!

  19. Lana Hallock
    April 30, 2019

    Great video!

  20. The Rephaim made this

  21. Raven St. John
    April 30, 2019

    I was told by a resident of that area that an asteroid or meteorite hit in that spot centuries ago and the mound is built near the crater left after the impact....I haven't been there to see it myself but that might explain why the mound was built in that place if that's accurate.

  22. sharath Yaji
    April 30, 2019

    Does indian Rangoli also has link with this? I mean does Rangoli is used to give some message to aliens?

  23. Jonas 10080
    April 30, 2019

    Amazing! Really love the integrative design work. If the measurements are correct, then this definitely has been created by beings which at that time had a higher awareness then the average human. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. Hopefully more people are gonna see it.

  24. j0phus
    April 30, 2019

    The problem I have with this is that archeologists don't claim that any of these 100's of thousands of mounds in the eastern US were built by native americans. In fact when white people first discovered them, they refused to believe it was possible. They were more willing to accept the idea that it was a lost tribe of Israel. That wasn't a fringe theory. Presidents believed that... A competing theory was that they were the Toltecs. So why are you alluding that people think these were built by native americans?

    Also, the Hopi live like 4,000 miles away from New Jersey. You're not outright saying that they were one culture but that's the way it comes off. There were hundreds of cultures and yes, a lot of them, if not most were networked. I just don't like the idea that I can tell how very little research you did on this topic.

    You want more interesting stuff on this subject? It's there. You gotta do more than watch YouTube videos when you do your research though. Americans don't even know this shit is here or that people like Thomas Jefferson were obsessed with them.

  25. Faye Aronhalt
    April 30, 2019

    I just saw this on the History Channel tonight. I was born and raised 5 minutes from here and never heard of it. I just recently moved from the area and the only Serpent Mound in the area I was aware of and visited, was in Newark OH. This is amazing and to find out they are all over the world is mind boggling.

  26. To the ancients, the Serpent was the symbol representing their ancient technology: the Arc which incorporated natural elements, megaliths and peizoelectricity to make their ARC-itecture. As Serpent Mound attracts more lightning strikes than anywhere in the surrounding area; I believe it was intentionally built to demonstrate/preserve that knowledge. I believe the Serpent shape and name are taken from lightning - the natural show of electrical arc slithering thru the sky like a serpent, and the mound may well immortalize that ancient technology of the Patri-Arcs; then again, there could be a giant (jine) Patri-arc, keepers of the Arc knowledge, buried underneath.
    Brett Allen Cover ufo Magazine

  27. mustsee whentraveling
    April 30, 2019

    Hi Praveen, I am a big fan of your videos. Looks like serpent mounds are used for eclipse prediction. An Indian myth of Chandra grahana or lunar eclipse (Keth serpent swallows Chandra) and Surya Grahana or solar eclipse (Rahu serpent swallows Surya). Looks like after all our puranas are not mythological stories and needs to be researched properly to decode these events.

  28. King Ivan Films
    April 30, 2019

    Not Aliens, just a very very ancient civilization.
    From "A Land of Mystery" H.P. Blavatsky writed in 1880
    The mound in Ohio represents a snake that measures more than 300 meters. It coils gracefully in sinuous curves, ending in a triple spiral in the tail. "The embankment that constitutes the effigy measures more than one meter and a half of height, with a base in the center of the body of ten meters that is diminishing slightly towards the tail." [4] The neck is extended and the open mouth maintains, in its jaws, an oval figure. The researchers write: "This oval, constituted by an embankment one meter and twenty centimeters high, has a perfectly regular profile and its transverse and conjugate diameters measure, respectively, 53 meters and 2.5 meters." [5] The whole represents the universal cosmological idea of ​​the snake and the egg. This is an easy deduction. How did this great symbol of the hermetic wisdom of ancient Egypt happen to be represented in America? How are the sacred buildings discovered in Ohio and elsewhere, these squares, circles, octagons, and other geometric figures in which the prevailing idea of ​​the sacred Pythagorean figures is easily recognized, and seem to be copied from the Book of Numbers? Despite the complete silence about its origin, even among the indigenous tribes that have preserved their traditions in all cases, the antiquity of such ruins is proven by the oldest and largest forests that grow in buried cities. The prudent American archaeologists have generously assigned them two thousand years. However, they say that "it is probably beyond the power of human inquiry to answer questions about who built them, and whether their creators emigrated, disappeared under the yoke of victorious armies, or were annihilated by some appalling epidemic or universal famine.

  29. Timothy Clark
    April 30, 2019

    The snake is pointing to something hidden, I find it no coincidence that the UFO landed near where the snake is facing. Perhaps the UFOs are searching for something in the area as well.

  30. North america was called through St.Larence Entrances as "Kanata" Iroquois word for settle aside be stationed and camp for trading some how turned to settlement from settle aside and reside from stationed that somehow lead to
    Dwelling and then HENCE the made up hence not a word in native tongue , manwhospeaks1wordtosay2word was a manipulate man who will confuse Devil on judgement day that inturn led to suzerainty.

  31. 333 Tarot
    April 30, 2019

    Common sense would tell a person that in ancient days the only icons in
    their world would be those of the natural world. This would be a world
    of plants, terrain, and animal life. In those days if you saw spiralling
    energy how would youdescribe it? The snakeis a perfect icon
    forspiralling energy. Shamans can see and feel this energy as its all
    around us. It comesinto our reality in different sizes and angles, but
    it will always be in relationship to other energy structures. You do not
    need aliens or star constellations, just awareness that there is more
    around us, than what or eyes tells us.
    This is James Conley’s
    description of the dowsing at Serpent Mound:“On July 25, 1998, Shakura,
    Bob and I journeyed to Serpent Mound, located in Adams County, Ohio. All
    of the previous mounds where we had dowsed were conical mounds that
    displayed a similar pattern of energy. Since this was the first effigy
    mound that we were going to dowse, I had no idea what to expect. We
    started at the tail, which was coiled into a tight circle, and all of us
    found a radial pattern focused at the center of the circle, similar to
    the energy pattern at the conical-shaped mounds. I counted 59 lines, all
    spreading out from the tip of the tail. As we proceeded along the
    curves that represented the body of the serpent, we started detecting
    lines that were perpendicular to the serpent's spine, similar to the
    shape of a ribcage. I counted about one line for every other step that I
    took. We also found a line running along the top of the curves that
    corresponded to the center of the serpent's spine. The other end of the
    effigy has an oval shaped mound. At this end, we located another radial
    pattern. I counted 72 lines as I walked around it. In the museum, there
    was a display of a serpent's skeleton arranged in the shape of the
    mound. I was amazed to see the similarities between the energy map I had
    just drawn and the skeletal structure of the serpent. Other than the
    radial symmetry at the head and the tail, the energy map and the
    skeletal structure looked identical.” -

    The Schematic of Time and Ancient Sacred Sites - By William Dayholos

  32. Dutch Courage
    April 30, 2019

    Well, i would say these giants had a decent knowledge of astrology.

  33. Jalen Brewer
    April 30, 2019

    They weren't made by aliens it was made by the Adena people which are Native American/Indigenous people

  34. Lotyle Lemon
    April 30, 2019


  35. CA Thomas
    April 30, 2019

    Not aliens - demons!

  36. We were created 75000 years ago. The Stonehenge and Star forts are antenna. Look at fractal antennas. Its about the aquifer underground it channels the earths frequency. like sing stones in Pennsylvania. Pyramids when covered be magnetic balsalt generate electricity because of aquifer. Its like the swamp gas and will of the wisp here. There's a guy that raised a 19 ton megalith by himself in flint Michigan. UFO run off mercury vapor engine in Ezekiel sphere but need electricity occasionally. Germans had em in WWII. Water finds its own level. Water runs downhill. water would have to be unlevel and run up and around hills on a globe. Egyptians electro plated gold. You move really big stones by vibration. You can cut stone like butter with high frequency vibrations. Signs are everywhere. People are dumb as hell.

  37. Yes its a time capsule. It is saying when they where there. When the constellation draco was in the sun. Is what it is.

  38. JR SAM
    April 30, 2019

    don't be deceived , the Nephilim are the off spring of the Fallen  Angel's , also called the Watchers, the Star's , the Starry host , the Fallen ones , the Son's of God , .... they have many names but they are NOT Aliens in the sense of extra terrestrial beings . The Nephilim are half human and half angel ,  the mounds are there communication to there fathers the Watchers ( fallen angels) ,  there is lots of info on the Nephilim in the books of Enoch .

  39. Gitfiddle 7766
    April 30, 2019

    What a beautiful golf course. I can't wait to play it this summer.

  40. wally braveheart
    April 30, 2019

    ah well the "natives" built massive cities DO MORE RESEARCH!

  41. Amruth Jalagam
    April 30, 2019

    You guys are being deceived ancient aliens are fallen angels

  42. Janet Wilham
    April 30, 2019

    one thing people fail to mention about this so called serpent=anyone who has been around snakes know that a snake in pain or dieing will curl up, especially the tail---to me this is a snake in distress or dieing and is expelling something in it mouth.

  43. Hema Nama
    April 30, 2019

    chris griffin is that u???

  44. Shellie Shines
    April 30, 2019

    OMG! Are you serious? Just because you can't understand something does not mean it has to be some kind of outer space creature that designed it. Nothing under the SUN is new and I emphasize NOTHING. Ancient ancestors understood all of this and it has been recently proven that there were some form of planes even in Egypt, Africa. Snakes were a symbol of not only wisdom but protection among other things.

  45. Backman Bolee
    April 30, 2019

    We all have the serpent energy within can only see it when you about to awaken ..

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