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Ancient Alien Theory Debunked

April 27, 2019 By

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– Intro – 0:00
– Puma Punku – 3:38
– The Pyramids – 22:41
– Baalbek – 37:40
– Incan sites – 55:33
– Easter Island – 1:01:33
– Pacal’s rocket – 1:05:36
– The Nazca Lines – 1:13:10
– Tolima “fighter jets – 1:21:16
– Egyptian “light bulb” – 1:27:01
– Ufo’s in ancient art – 1:36:08
– The crystal skulls – 1:46:38
– Ezekiel’s Wheel – 1:58:17
– Ancient nuclear warfare – 2:11:16
– Vimana’s – 2:20:50
– Anunnaki – 2:32:52
– Nephilim – 2:54:37
– Conclusion – 3:07:10

Ancient Aliens Debunked is a 3 hour refutation of the theories proposed on the History Channel series Ancient Aliens. It is essentially a point by point critique of the “ancient astronaut theory” which has been proposed by people like Erich von Däniken and Zecharia Sitchin as well as many others.

All the claims are sourced at the website:

It was produced by Chris White and includes commentary from Dr. Michael Hesier.

It is distributed for free on the internet and is a completely non-profit project. Viewers are encouraged to share, and burn copies to DVD, as long as they do not profit from its distribution.

Feel free to upload this to your Youtube channels and similar sites without any permission, but beware of potential copyright claims from the History Channel (A & E) I believe that all the material used from them in this film is legal under “Fair Use,” as it is non-profit, and for the purpose of critique.
But they still may try to take the video down from the various site you have uploaded it to, and it could be one of the three strikes against your account (Youtube). You have my permission to challenge them if they do this through a counter claim (they ask if you own the video, so you have my permission to say that you do), I believe that they will back down and reinstate the video if you challenge their claims.

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Former title for this video: Ancient Aliens Debunked – (full movie) (fixed audio)

Pour les francophones irréductibles, Sean Bateman a publié quelques sections sous-titrées de cette vidéo sur sa chaine:


31 Comments on "Ancient Alien Theory Debunked"

  1. Atheos
    April 27, 2019

    Pour les francophones irréductibles, Sean Bateman a publié quelques sections sous-titrées de cette vidéo sur sa chaine, voir le lien en fin de description sous la vidéo.

  2. Icarus Fall
    April 27, 2019

    What no way.... Flat earth, fake outer space, dinosaurs build the pyramids, Alens manipulated pre-homosapian DNA, and if it were not for ancient aliens we would still be living the dark ages..... Or the earth is round, Space is a real thing, dinosaurs were killed off by a big rock, humanity evolved over Hundreds of thousands of years to become homosapien sapien, and we modern humans are capable of anything, for example- 60years from the Wright brothers to Niel on the Moon, The split of the atom within 10years of trying, lastly tell a human they goes to paradise after life if they kill them self and hopefully lots of others.
    I am so tried of Dumb Gullible People.... some times I hope the skynet will turn on and just end Us.

  3. Bărbulescu Andrei
    April 27, 2019

    Ancient aliens sucks!They dont have proofs,only theories!

  4. Bryan The Alien
    April 27, 2019

    3:38 and 22:41 to 37:40 to 55:33 to 1:01:33 to 1:05:36 to 1:13:10 to 1:21:16 to 1:27:01 to 1:36:08 to 1:58:17 to 2:11:16 to 2:20:50 to 2:32:52 to 2:54:37 to 3:07:10

  5. fsbirdhouse
    April 27, 2019

    Without being aware that he is doing so, I believe Mr White, when producing this video has actually undercut the very premise he wishes to promote. While I can agree that ALL things found on earth (And possibly off-world as well) are the result of Man's own abilities and his inherent cunning, the section about the Tolima/Quimbaya aircraft models has seen him fall on his face making statements that are patently untrue, and astonishingly silly as well, and has done so even in the face of truth to the contrary. He is not a pilot, and has pulled his declarations out of his hat on that occasion. Those seen here: Minute 1:20:53.
    Declaring those "Large curls on the front of the wings to have rendered the craft to be unairworthy" could not be further from the truth. They function exactly as do slot/slats currently used on virtually all major airliners in the form of a long panel protruding from the front of the wing deployed at landings and takeoffs to stabilize the wings at slow speeds by greatly enhancing the lift of the wing.
    Seen here:
    The German engineers and others reproducing these models for 'test of concept' failed to recognize them for what they were in fact, until Dave Herbert produced a very primitive model in which they were included for the test flights. Then they were at last recognized for what they were. Seen here at minute; 6:30
    The idea that a small power plant with or without propeller was added to test these craft is so far beyond a legitimate critique as to be ludicrous. Let him claim a Ford F-150 has no engine because Mr White cannot see evidence of it parked in a driveway.
    He has posted a picture of a catfish for comparison. The Catfish has both a Dorsal Fin, and Caudal fin. None of the Tolima model aircraft image groupings have either a Dorsal Fin or Caudal fin (Vertical tail fin EXTENDING BELOW THE BELLY OF THE MODEL CRAFT) one of which MUST be present to determine the effort was intended to be recognized as a fish as all artists down thru history have done....All. These would be a first ever...Yeah Right. None of these model craft are an exact match to any fish as he has claimed. Look closer. He should have.
    As to the eyes and teeth found on these models. Those are to be found on actual Warbirds on nearly every generation of such aircraft since virtually the very beginning of powered flight in the modern era. It is a proven thing men tend to do, and always have.
    German ....13 years after first powered flight in history
    British Spitfire WWII
    British WWI

  6. Jason Coomer
    April 27, 2019

    When a man finds "religion" and then makes a video debunking one conspiracy without ever even thinking to question if his own beliefs are themselves in question

  7. Zaru7t10
    April 27, 2019

    Ancient alien logic; It looks like something from the modern world therefore it is. ALIENS

  8. aidan harrison
    April 27, 2019

    Hey guy listen up . I'm stupid , my ancesters where even more stupider . Slam Duck . gotta be de aliens

  9. Gilbert Szostek
    April 27, 2019

    ...and therefor: [ ALIENS ]

  10. Flamingpaper
    April 27, 2019

    I would love a documentary like this debunking the Bosnian Pyramids

  11. Oh this is awesome, thanks for taking to time to make the video.

  12. frailingbanjo
    April 27, 2019

    This is an incredible documentary. Awesome job!

  13. robert ingram
    April 27, 2019

    Thank god these fantastic civilizations didn’t have iPhones 📱 because nothing would have gotten done. Lol 😂

  14. Brandon Pou
    April 27, 2019

    very nice work. kudos.

  15. PieterSA
    April 27, 2019

    Wonderfully detailed and presented! Not only beautifully debunks the Ancient Aliens nonsense but also a lot of the "alternative history" ideas that are out there, some of which I actually believed because they were so elegant and... well... damn believable! I realized yet again that I should take every position that goes against mainstream science with a grain of salt. Great work!

  16. stuart smith
    April 27, 2019

    Thank you for a excellent video of debunking those frauds. In the 70s I read Von Daniken and Charles Birlitz and came to the conclusion they were making a living selling this rubbish,but today we have the internet which is marvellous ,but the downside is ,it
    gives those people a platform to fill naive people's minds with this trash! couldn't make it up'.......but you can now!

  17. stephen bagan
    April 27, 2019

    I love ancient comedy show on tv

  18. Nick Taylor
    April 27, 2019

    The fact u did all this work for free (and it must've taken TIME!), and let ANYONE use it, re-upload it etc as they saw fit, even tho it initially challenged your beliefs and personal paradigm, is a testament to your character. I doff my cap sir. Respect mate...fuckin serious respect.

  19. robert grenier
    April 27, 2019

    Finaly, those peoples are saying the real story and by far have debunked most if not all of the falses assertions made mostly by Giorgio Tsoukalos, Von Danekin and David Childress. I hope that more peoples watch this video called ANCIENT ALIENS DEBUNKED so they will learn the truth about Ancients Aliens..You guys made a awesome documentary so we could know what the real story is..I used to watch Ancient Aliens, but when they started to say that the pyramid where equipped with electrical lightning, I then began to have serious doubts about the integrity of their programm..

  20. Lee Peel
    April 27, 2019

    Anunaki suck! Nephilim blow!

  21. Zarah McIntosh
    April 27, 2019

    Dang. Youtube and Google made this video hard to find. I had to first get to before this channel would come up on a general Google Chrome search.

  22. Esmanar Gucci
    April 27, 2019

    This has to become more mainstream knowledge! Thanks for enlightening us

  23. Spot Turtle
    April 27, 2019

    Giorgio Tsucksalottadicks' hair had to have been made by "ainsent assanot exta tesstrials" because nobody on Earth could possibly think that looks good. Anal probe in one end and an "ainsent exta tesstrial" hairdresser on the other. Compared to his hair duh Puma Punku is child play. The grease in his hair weighs eight hunit tons. Dey used a handheld levitation device and diamond power saws. For real yo.............🛸👽👾🛸

  24. JIM LACY
    April 27, 2019

    Plato's cave is revisited with every new theory, discovery, school of thought.

  25. Ch. Fe.
    April 27, 2019

    I dont believe in ancient Aliens but i Wonder How they would have Made such hoisting grips As seen at 14:37!
    Even with the use of drills.

  26. Zeeeeeek
    April 27, 2019

    came here from soviet wombles stream, cause he mentioned this :)

  27. Kaleb Towe
    April 27, 2019

    Thanks for this video. I always knew I hated that show, they basically spit in the face of those that worked their asses off to make these structures. And because they're too lazy to imagine how human hands could have done it they make up a bunch of bs rather than trying to scientifically discover how they were really constructed.

  28. K G
    April 27, 2019

    Why is this show oh the History channel?

  29. K G
    April 27, 2019

    Ancient Aliens repeatedly insults our ancestors!

  30. D N
    April 27, 2019

    "Everyone" knows Ancient Aliens is a fucking-dumb-bullshit but its entertaining and funny 😄

  31. James Smith
    April 27, 2019

    Ancient alien theory is totally based on deceptions, lies, exaggerations, and illogical fallacies. If the "history" channel can allow such an obviously fictitious program, makes me wonder what else they lie and exaggerate about. Certainly the "History" in their channel description. Great video debunking these atheistic fools.

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