Evidence of Illuminati Conspiracy in U.S. Insurance Industry?

April 25, 2019 By

Steve Cabeza interviews the founder and explores potential reasons why it seems like the insurance industry in the United States is suppressing his product in a conspiracy to keep money out of the hands it legally belongs to: the beneficiaries of insurance policies. Do you know the name of your loved ones’ life insurance company? This is a serious problem, recognized only when it is too late. Mission: “To Be the Best in Serving Our Members by Providing Peace of Mind That Their Beneficiaries Receive Their Inheritance” was created based on the events experienced by the founders. A death in the family and the realization that a central database for life insurance was not available prompted Edmund and Michael Hartmann to put the wheels in motion. The result of their journey is the creation of just such a database. is a company that fills the need for so many families to ensure the life insurance policies they have purchased will actually be found by their loved ones and beneficiaries. helps to protect your life insurance benefits by maintaining the Company Name that holds your Life Insurance on their Database. is the only Database of its kind. Too often individuals know their loved ones had Life Insurance but they cannot find it. It is a major problem that is only recognized when it is too late. gives individuals a direction on where to start looking. The Company Name is the only piece of information your loved ones need to find your life insurance.

More and more people have recognized the need of a central life insurance database. Clients around the world have registered the company name they have life insurance and other assets with allowing their beneficiaries to search a database when the time comes.

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2 Comments on "Evidence of Illuminati Conspiracy in U.S. Insurance Industry?"

  1. Ngọc Dung
    April 25, 2019


  2. Marnie S. Hoppe
    April 25, 2019

    Fascinating!  Corporate greed is rampant. 

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