Illuminati Coloring Book For Adults: Stress Relieving Rituals Of Illumination

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Enjoy hours of designs in this unique coloring book for adults, featuring Illuminati symbols, emblems of peace, and enlightening imagery. Designed for adults – appropriate for all ages.
This adult coloring book features many versions of traditional Illuminati symbols including the Pyramid, the Eye, the Light, and the Eternal Circle — as well as a wide variety of mandalas, flourishes, and unique patterns that reflect the diversity of symbols found throughout human history. In these pages, artists of all skill levels can find relaxation through the powerful relief of introspective meditation. Escape from the stresses of life and discover the soothing comfort of this classic activity.

For centuries, artists have explored the esoteric mysteries of our universe by observing the cryptic symbols that appear throughout this planet. Many believe that the answers to life and existence are hidden behind ancient signs and emblems — a map imprinted across all living things — and that by focussing on these patterns, humans can be freed from their anxieties and find the directions that lead to their greatest joy and success.

In Illuminati tradition, artwork is often used to introduce seekers to our symbols. When concentrating on the creation of an illuminated manuscript, the image and its hidden meanings can become imprinted on the mind of the artist and remain long after the design is complete. It is not the specific steps that give a ritual its power; its true effect is found in the state of mind it evokes in its participants.

Finally – in response to a multitude of requests — all people may take part in a modernization of this ritual. Though often intended for children, the practice of adding color to artwork has recently experienced a resurgence in adults. Researchers have shown that adult coloring books can have stress-reducing effects and meditative properties. Millions of adults have found peace in the motions of this simple pastime.