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Ancient Aliens: The Alien Detective (Season 11, Episode 14) | History

April 16, 2019 By

Giorgio meets with an ex-cop who investigates people who have been abducted by aliens in this collection of scenes from “The Returned.” #AncientAliens

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Ancient Aliens
Season 11
Episode 14
The Returned

“Ancient Aliens” explores the controversial theory that extraterrestrials have visited Earth for millions of years.

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25 Comments on "Ancient Aliens: The Alien Detective (Season 11, Episode 14) | History"

    April 16, 2019

    Like this series? Check out another History Channel classic: Project Blue Book, premiering January 8th at 10/9c.

  2. marjanboo
    April 16, 2019

    prob by them and us we made sum aswell

  3. OMG

  4. OfficialDr3am5tep
    April 16, 2019

    1:05 - I've done this before. Just put a bottle cap on your skins and voilà! An alien print!

  5. Shawon Shawon
    April 16, 2019

    They are jinns

  6. Timmy Ebert
    April 16, 2019

    why is it not in the newns

  7. Alex Ahmed
    April 16, 2019

    Remind me when u find an alien. Otherwise I m tired of these mysteries.

    April 16, 2019

    ancient aliens says NO!!

  9. Siang C
    April 16, 2019

    They are alien detective but why dress like Crocodile Hunter

  10. Disembodied Voice
    April 16, 2019

    If this was real, then why didn’t I hear it before? Why wasn’t his major news?

  11. Edward Bliss
    April 16, 2019

    These are the aliens that are genuinely curious. The other kind of abduction--where they're in a bright room on a table looking up--is that ET's are basically inserting a crash course on alien knowledge. Once it's opened in thousands of people across the world, it'll be like they took a part-time college course on ETs. No more speculation or conjecture. This'll be the real stuff. The end.

    April 16, 2019

    this thing is also written in PLANET BLUE BOOK

  13. stayjit1
    April 16, 2019

    Why is it on the internet every time someone says "aliens" Giorgio pops up

  14. Bob Eagle
    April 16, 2019

    I know Derrel personally and he is a top-shelf investigator and does not go for the hocus pocus type of reporting; this guy does his homework. he really should have his own show.

  15. Ravi Naya
    April 16, 2019

    In hinds

  16. A
    April 16, 2019

    where can i watch the full video?

  17. Naz Naz
    April 16, 2019

    No, it's impossible.

  18. K G
    April 16, 2019

    Why is this so hard to believe for some people? This has been happening to people for a long time. There are very intelligent people looking into this. Brushing it all off hinders progress.

  19. KJCP
    April 16, 2019

    They see implants I see ammunition for a BB gun. They see implants I see rose bush thorns

  20. George 420
    April 16, 2019

    The government has a big laugh playing with your heads!

  21. star star
    April 16, 2019

    Houston TX!!!!!!

  22. mje19D
    April 16, 2019

    So lame

  23. Xsavior Freeman
    April 16, 2019

    If it does have meteorite in it , it would have to be from our galaxy so that it would develop naturally in our body that's why our body doesn't reject it as a foreign object.

  24. Call Me Gone
    April 16, 2019

    They're Nephilim

  25. venkata jayanth
    April 16, 2019

    these both have a bright career in hollywood...!!!

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