The Nipsey Hussle Conspiracy – Off The Pill #11

April 14, 2019 By

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Ryan and the guys talk about Ryan’s non-profit that gives deserving people their “best day ever”. Why is Ryan so drawn to horror films? Is there any validity to Nipsey Hussle’s conspiracy theory involving Dr Sebi? They also present their opinions on paper vs plastic straws, recyclables, and share stories of their amazing trip to Japan.

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45 Comments on "The Nipsey Hussle Conspiracy – Off The Pill #11"

  1. moon50dragon
    April 14, 2019

    I didn't skip to the end.

  2. Jennifer Wells
    April 14, 2019

    What is the best advice you've ever received? The worst?

  3. Cookie Chip
    April 14, 2019

    New title unlocked: THE REAL ONE

  4. pepperminterica
    April 14, 2019

    shoutout to will tho for being eco-conscious 👍

  5. 5678coolgu y
    April 14, 2019

    Y u turn into smosh I loved you old vids

  6. Ulici Ioana
    April 14, 2019

    Random things are interesting too, it gives you things to think about. I didn't skip to the end but I should watch these earlier. Is there a point in your lives when you had to take a decision and you still think sometimes about it, "what if" you would have gone another route? Or if you still think about a decision like "damn, I am so happy I made that one decision"?

  7. Gavin Binder
    April 14, 2019

    Hey talk about how Australia has trash bags that dissolve in water

  8. Luis Mancia
    April 14, 2019

    “I didn’t skip to the end” I guess I’m a real one

  9. glowinthe dark
    April 14, 2019

    I never skip to the end on your videos ! 👏

  10. The Screen Scientist
    April 14, 2019

    Dear Ryan Have You Ever Played Mortal Kombat

  11. Éva Karajos
    April 14, 2019

    AIDS means acquired immune deficiency syndrome and is the term for all the opportunistic infections due to the weakend state of the immune system caused by the virus, HIV. So basically when you are contracted with HIV you do not have AIDS yet. As far as I know it cannot be cured but definitely it is now a condition that can be kept at bay via medication for a very long time so that the contracted person does not get to the phase of AIDS for a long while.

  12. Deepucks Studio
    April 14, 2019

    What was wills username I couldn’t hear the last part

  13. Minko Poppy
    April 14, 2019

    Hi Ryan and The Willy’s

    How close could a fan get to a celebrity before it’s an invasion of privacy? Do you think lawsuits should be filed?
    Many people argue that the celebrity chose this lifestyle and need to deal with it.

    What do you guys think 🤔

    Love you guys! ♥️

  14. 360o
    April 14, 2019

    Don't worry guys I didn't skip to the end

  15. Emad Khan
    April 14, 2019

    Can you do more dear Ryans and fake trailers and parodys and stuff, PLEASE!!??

  16. Jagruth Dodda
    April 14, 2019

    Dear Ryan, can you do a parody of young sheldon?

  17. hi po
    April 14, 2019

    Dear Ryan, can you tell us all of the copyrighted videos so next time we can know what will we request so you cannot be copyrighted again.

  18. Theo Bordeos
    April 14, 2019

    Noooo Sean

  19. Ali For Lyfe
    April 14, 2019

    Dear Ryan, can you use the predictive text on your keyboard to make a rap?

  20. Need less
    April 14, 2019

    Help PewDiePie! Please 💔

  21. Law Cuz
    April 14, 2019

    Im miss old ryan videos :*

  22. Weptcore World
    April 14, 2019

    Visited this channel long ago, Still looks neat.

  23. Pyrogue
    April 14, 2019

    I think dying via turning into a plant, is a graceful way to go.

  24. Flips The King
    April 14, 2019

    Dear Ryan can you make a model rocket trick shot

  25. Bubbaque Jerry
    April 14, 2019

    Dear Ryan , Make an overdramatic 24 hour video

  26. Brian Teh Gamer
    April 14, 2019

    Dear Ryan: can you do a fast eating

  27. Hannah Lee
    April 14, 2019

    Where's Marley?

  28. Guilherme Gabriel
    April 14, 2019


  29. Son Yahiko
    April 14, 2019

    Dear Ryan can you remake dragon ball super broly

  30. LigLess
    April 14, 2019

    Deer Ryan Can U Contunie The Pokemon Horror Movie

  31. Rustyne Naya
    April 14, 2019

    Dear ryan can you make a Dear ryan

  32. neilj 345
    April 14, 2019

    I dare you to put milk in your mouth and let marley lick it out for. approx 4 points

  33. Dexter 's
    April 14, 2019

    Dear Ryan , can u chat in your phone while doing Parkour

  34. 888maze Ced
    April 14, 2019


  35. maya masters
    April 14, 2019

    Dear Ryan, can you make a video on expectation VS reality part 2

  36. Alex Embradora
    April 14, 2019

    dear ryan, can you do a music without any instruments, please just use your whole body like hands , feets , chest , and ofcourse butt 😂😄

  37. reena bagga
    April 14, 2019

    Dear Ryan how do u pronounce your YouTube name

  38. Aaron Abalos
    April 14, 2019

    Dear Ryan can you hold one of your feet and hop over it

  39. Kent Zaske Montemayor
    April 14, 2019

    Dear Ryan, can your friends kick your private part as hard as they can if not owell but please do it hahahahahahhahha

  40. Sparc 7610
    April 14, 2019

    GeekWeek sounds like a sequel to SeatGeek

  41. -Football Fanatic-
    April 14, 2019

    I reuse plastic bags all the time

  42. UnDead David
    April 14, 2019

    Dear Ryan can you do a backflip trick shot

  43. logistics gamer
    April 14, 2019

    Pls. Could you get back on making more conspiracy theory vids?

  44. Belinda Reid
    April 14, 2019

    @dearryan do h no u yes

  45. ZorB AJ
    April 14, 2019

    hey guys remember parkourse? No. K

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