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These Ancient Relics Are So Advanced They Shouldn't Exist…

April 13, 2019 By

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23 Comments on "These Ancient Relics Are So Advanced They Shouldn't Exist…"

  1. Canadian MGTOW
    April 13, 2019

    Supposedly there was a smart civilization before the ancient egyptians that built the Sphinx in 10,000 BC

  2. Sugar Reaper 14
    April 13, 2019

    Why do people always assume aliens, the humans brain is always changing so someone can just wake up with an idea that wouldn't be found for thousands of years. Also the universe isn't really that old, if there were aliens they wouldn't be anymore developed then us.

  3. Akram El-Masry
    April 13, 2019

    easy, it's a troll

  4. Akram Akkis
    April 13, 2019

    Maybe it is the pictures what needed to be solved, not the text?

  5. globe buster
    April 13, 2019

    Earth is flat. No alien lol

  6. CodNameFish YT
    April 13, 2019

    Call anonymous and open dat

  7. Sharkoteer
    April 13, 2019

    Those be some Dwemer artifacts you got there

  8. Lord Wrath
    April 13, 2019

    You voice act for ESO?

  9. Don Treadwell
    April 13, 2019

    meh, just read the wikipedia page. You get the info without the goofy hype. I don't understand why people always need some wacky entertainment element to their information. Let the information speak for itself. Don't let goobers like this dress things up for you. There were similar mechanisms like this in existence at the time. Cicero himself wrote about them. Devices like this helped map the orbit of the moon, position of the sun and other planetary bodies. Not so mysterious after all but still exceptionally impressive. Human history is an amazing subject - without all the "gosh wow" hype in the video above.

  10. Dominic Del Principe
    April 13, 2019

    But was it shrouded in mystery...?

  11. yehuda ertel
    April 13, 2019

    It's a rube Goldberg machine meant for opening wine bottles

  12. Sammy Plueddemann
    April 13, 2019

    i hate it when other people make videos off of other peoples filming

  13. Mephil
    April 13, 2019

    Manuscript has been cracked...

  14. kenLovesToCode
    April 13, 2019

    Doctor Strange can read it

  15. Rip Drybone
    April 13, 2019

    The device found at the location Antikythera is not a computer and was not created by a scientist.

  16. god boss
    April 13, 2019

    You make it sound like there was a cadre of people who discovered how it worked..when in fact it was only one man who did so before the thing was ever X rayed..25 years he worked to build a working model..maybe you should mention his name instead of talking about the fning X-ray machine being shipped to Greece..a mechanical engineer and former curator of London’s Science museum named Michael Wright performed his own extensive study of the Antikythera mechanism over a period of twenty-five years. Wright studied Derek de Solla Price’s monograph and ultimately concluded that Price’s reconstruction of the mechanism was fundamentally incorrect. In fact, Wright went so far as to call it bizarre and incomplete, suggesting that Price took some creative liberties to fill in the gaps, and to make the astronomical calculations work out against his gear tooth counts.

    But Michael Wright didn’t just throw stones. In addition to writing numerous papers about the mechanism, he collaborated with Australian computer historian Allan Bromley to create a complete reconstruction of the device in bronze and wood, drawing upon his mechanical knowledge and the history of craft techniques. Wright also took his own photographs of the fragments and performed radiography with a device he created to adapt X-ray equipment for this purpose. Together, they created plans for the model by compiling data from hands-on examination and from their own measurements of the delicate fragments.

  17. John Eggers
    April 13, 2019

    Frankie munez

  18. Ty Smith
    April 13, 2019

    Thanks for the minute advertising pitch in the middle of your video. I refuse to watch past that point. It's at 5:00min to 6min mark for everyone who wants to skip past. Dick!

  19. Angel Crow
    April 13, 2019

    Funny shit. As if human crawled out of a cave yesterday. People are so stupid.

  20. PixelShooter1 Gaming
    April 13, 2019

    that dr.squatch ad tho

  21. Matt Todd
    April 13, 2019

    2k19 just do it

  22. Mike Larry
    April 13, 2019

    That book was on an episode of Pawn Stars lol

  23. drag hag
    April 13, 2019

    The manuscripts have been deciphered. Theyre ancient Turkish.

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