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Ancient Aliens UFO Documentary 2018 | ALIEN GODS HD FULL EPISODE

April 13, 2019 By

Ancient Aliens UFO Documentary 2018 | ALIEN GODS HD FULL EPISODE
Did aliens create humans? Was Jesus actually an alien being? Alien Gods is a documentary that explores the ever popular UFO issue, but with a twist that has rarely been dealt with before. Alien Gods starts with the Ancient Astronaut hypothesis and then goes around the world interviewing groups that believe our creators were alien being. Director: Will Raee

a documentary containing vital bits of information and UFO evidence making a very clear, compelling case that UFOs are real. And its time to WAKE UP to this reality. This is not even disputed by leading officials in the matter

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7 Comments on "Ancient Aliens UFO Documentary 2018 | ALIEN GODS HD FULL EPISODE"

  1. Wynn Brickland
    April 13, 2019

    always the dick that believes the weather balloon cover story, how thick are you mate? we all sussed out that bullshit decades ago. And shame on you, there was an object following hail bop,

  2. jet li
    April 13, 2019

    Same old

  3. Triton Bradford
    April 13, 2019

    Missing parts of the story huh? Yeah fallen angels came down and bred with humans creating the niphilim! Even the Sumerian text talk of a supreme God, and a prime creator. Careful lest you be deceived!

  4. guevara antonnio
    April 13, 2019

    my prayers goes to my creator the creator of life and to who or to whom has created this beautiful and wonderful world.

  5. Jigger Jones
    April 13, 2019

    How do people come up with this shit????

  6. Sudhir Pawar
    April 13, 2019

    Add more videos in Hindi and Marathi

  7. shivam kashyap
    April 13, 2019

    Hello sir
    Sir please upload in hindi this video

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