Pareshka’s Human Mates: A Sci-fi Fantasy Reverse Harem Romance

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My brother and I pilot ships across the known Universe, but something is missing. A blue skinned woman fills my dreams, a Priestess who has never been satisfied in bed.

Pareshka. Her name rolls from my tongue and stirs an unsated desire.

We audition for the Priestess. Surely it can’t be hard for men like us. Passionate, protective and loving.

But Pareshka needs more than us. She has to save her community. She needs a third to complete her.

My oldest brother is the most dominant of us all, we need to find him and persuade him to join us.

If we truly are the fated mates of Pareshka, we three must unite and fulfil her one true need….

… a baby to save her planet.

Sci-fi fantasy alien romance. Reverse Harem. A Dying planet. A desperate priestess. Three brothers on a mission.