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Ancient Aliens: The Nine Emperor Gods (Season 11) | History

April 6, 2019 By

According to legend, the Nine Emperor Gods come from the nine stars that make up the Big Dipper in this clip from Season 11, Episode 8, “The Mysterious Nine”. #AncientAliens
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“Ancient Aliens” explores the controversial theory that extraterrestrials have visited Earth for millions of years.

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42 Comments on "Ancient Aliens: The Nine Emperor Gods (Season 11) | History"

  1. IIReevesII Domain
    April 6, 2019

    Speaking of NINE. Thats a time when i was in young age, walk circeling "stupa" that contained with Buddhist relic.

    Before doing it, you need to collect with one hand full of coins as much as you can get.

    There are bowls circeling "stupa" and you need to put one coin in each bowl while circeling it 3 times.

    At the end you will get the rest of coins in your hand and counting it as your numbers.

    The number that you get after it will determind your destiny in this life.

    And i have 9 "nine".

  2. sasi rooban
    April 6, 2019

    9 emperor represent the 9 planets
    Even in hindu they have it they call it navagragam

  3. Bnisha 04
    April 6, 2019

    They forgot 9 gods of Egypt

  4. jitendra semil
    April 6, 2019

    even in india nine days are reserved for nine gods..nine planet ..they worship navgriha puja

  5. Ram Kumar M
    April 6, 2019

    Navagrahas - Nine Gods

  6. Ram Kumar M
    April 6, 2019

    Navagrahas - Nine gods

  7. Abhideep Singh
    April 6, 2019

    nine planets as per hindu mythology

  8. Just Chillmaar
    April 6, 2019

    It is similar to navratri of Indian god i mean maata mahakali ...9 days for gods ...

  9. Ivan Bedoy
    April 6, 2019

    Crazy how many ancient cultures had 9 gods or deities 🤔

  10. 谢昭辉
    April 6, 2019


  11. deepak kalyani
    April 6, 2019

    Hiii in accordance to this vedio even I have a suggestion that their is a festival in India called “NAVARATRI” naming nine nights which may even be related to these 9 gods as said in the vedio

  12. BetUrLife Tv
    April 6, 2019

    Confusion of the heavens is part the devils

  13. Marion Odeh
    April 6, 2019

    All being said and done, now where does Yahweh the godless creator God of the Bible lies stories fit in here???

    Because, through out all these mysterious Revelations, strange discoveries, Spiritual changes, involvements of the light beings, and various Aliens on this Earth, presently. Yet, none, nor nowhere Yahweh the godless Creator God of lies has ever been mentioned, nor referenced. As all the light beings show their compassion, Spiritual Love, protection as well as concerns to humanity. To me, no creation greater than this Universal Spiritual Laws and attitudes.

    Henceforth, with contradictions all over the O/T Bible stories, in addition to that of above comments. Truly Spiritually, Yahweh is more than a liar, and fake. Worst yet, from my spiritual enlightenment growth, etc., I can Spiritually points out that Yahweh the godless Creator God is the real 😈. Somehow, his actions, attitudes, and behaviors are not godly towards any human beings that he ever encountered on this Earth from his creation lies.

    From Blessed invincible Marion Odeh.

  14. Persian Amazon
    April 6, 2019

    The 9 must refer to the 9 planetary energies. As in our zodiac.

  15. Trevor Graham Welch
    April 6, 2019

    Are These Aliens Mentioned Still In Existence ? Planet Earth Seems To Be Heading Towards Armageddon . With No Return To Shangri La .

  16. Rajesh Kumar
    April 6, 2019

    Even my date of birth is 9th june 1983 son of god

  17. Joseph Fuller
    April 6, 2019

    I think they have their geography wrong; China is not in SE Asia. SE Asia is mostly Theravada Buddhism (with each community having slightly different beliefs and influences of Animism and Ancestor Worship). There are also many Muslims in SE Asia. I have lived in SE Asia for almost 15 years, talked with monks and other spiritual leaders as well as the Imams of the regions; not once have I heard of the Nine Emperor "Gods" being reffered to in the same manner as describe as in this video.

  18. Fred France
    April 6, 2019

    that was very unentertaining.

  19. Rahul Sharma
    April 6, 2019


  20. Yadel Manguera
    April 6, 2019

    I very cool and hansome

  21. Lor Ray
    April 6, 2019

    I look forward to the arrival of my Extraterrestrial 👽 ancestors

  22. diya john
    April 6, 2019

    Are they not the fallen angels who claim to be God and trying to decieve man from the real god Yahweh. Genisis 6:4 says that nephilims were on the earth and they went to the daughters of human beings ...".they multiplied . And later they were considered the Egyptian gods who deviated people from Yahweh.And today these 9 fallen angels take different forms to decieve people.

  23. Gabriel Ong
    April 6, 2019

    what kind of nonsense is this???
    at least use a chinese expert to make it more convincing

  24. Xalzinor
    April 6, 2019

    My ancestors are smiling at me China. Can you say the same?

  25. DION Mckinney
    April 6, 2019

    I seen the 9 gods last night

  26. Dhey Dizon
    April 6, 2019

    Not all southeast asian do this festival. Like my country we do not do this festival

  27. Anindita Saktiaji
    April 6, 2019

    No way human can create documentary such as ancient aliens, it must be created by aliens it self...

  28. Luca7x
    April 6, 2019

    Yes 9 scientists from another (?). They have meetings in the lab's meeting room. Sometimes they "reset" but the goal is not to, much like that sign at work that says "X days with no accidents"

  29. RJ Lucifer
    April 6, 2019

    India there is also a nine god formation....... Called Navagrahaa...

  30. Darren Lee
    April 6, 2019

    These are but r
    The devil breaking themselves as God and deceiving men from the true God jesus christ

  31. padawan007
    April 6, 2019

    EBEN-s created humanity on this planet since the beginning our planet is a genetical laboratory

  32. Zo Taylor
    April 6, 2019

    Zues was dark colored and they white washed along with the other so-called gods of these foreign lands. Why they never admit truth, FOOLS flock to folly.

  33. JENDALL714
    April 6, 2019

    Are these the Drunken Immortal Gods?

  34. Nayan Vaishnav
    April 6, 2019

    oldest religion hindusim says about nav -graha (nine planet ) way beyond time

  35. J
    April 6, 2019

    Can anyone tell me please ...
    9 structure foundation ? what are their? Anyone tell me pl

  36. Reynold Odon
    April 6, 2019

    i think alien is the fallen angel said in the bible

  37. Mohit bansal
    April 6, 2019

    And there's "Nav-grah" / nine planets in Hindu mythology... all nine are Gods in the sky

  38. Dexter Nubla
    April 6, 2019

    Is this the reason why in the Bible it states creation of mankind came from "their" likeness?....

  39. pollux j
    April 6, 2019

    Great show love it

  40. Vipul Sahai
    April 6, 2019

    In Hinduism 9 avatars of Lord Vishnu. One for each period of time. 7 already came and back to universe. 2 more to come

  41. Anathex Adventurer
    April 6, 2019

    And shaggy is one of it

  42. Jazzy Deep
    April 6, 2019

    In ancient India those seven stars called 'Soptorishi'.... Same thing difference name....

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