David Icke: Conspiracy of the Lizard Illuminati (Part 1/2)

April 5, 2019 By

Conspiracy theorist David Icke takes us to a local satanic execution site and discusses the plot of the secret lizard illuminati.

We traveled to the Isle of Wight to meet the most iconic conspiracy theorist on Earth, David Icke. A former professional goalkeeper and television presenter, David Icke found international fame back in the 90s when he began uncovering a secret lizard illuminati plot. Icke discovered that a race of shape-shifting lizards has been masquerading as presidents and monarchs for centuries while planning to crush the planet.

In Part 2, Icke takes VICE host Kevin Morpurgo to the site of a local Satanic execution and explains what the global cabal of pedophile aliens has to do with Stanley Kubrick and Bill Clinton.

Watch part 2/2 here:

Hosted by Kevin Morpurgo | Originally aired in 2012 on

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40 Comments on "David Icke: Conspiracy of the Lizard Illuminati (Part 1/2)"

  1. ameen bro
    April 5, 2019

    holy sht lol

  2. Daniel Thompson
    April 5, 2019

    Does Icke come across as a bit Asperger's or is it just me?

  3. A Man
    April 5, 2019

    Notice he used to dress like Jimmy saville. Ickes one of them

  4. dawn robertson
    April 5, 2019

    Dear David, you are lying two faced scum-end of!!!!!!

  5. jakim stedford
    April 5, 2019

    is it me or does he look like a lizard himself

  6. Dinpuia Deepee
    April 5, 2019

    Mr everything reptilian icke"

  7. Yellow Blue
    April 5, 2019

    Were not being controlled by lizards where run by a few capitalist elites stop this bollocks focus on real change not talking about wired anti-Semitic rubbish

  8. Yellow Blue
    April 5, 2019

    Theres a huge conspiracy theory with lizards but the cant salience this fucking retard

  9. Lucas Radovanovici
    April 5, 2019


  10. Karen Jadie Connors
    April 5, 2019

    As u tube is so censored ! What is bull and what is the truth speaking !!

  11. Bob Taint
    April 5, 2019

    This guy ruins the real truth with this stupid reptile crap. WTF David your a scammer. You say some truth and then this bullshit with reptiles and being controlled by some base on a hollowed out moon. Geesh I want to smack the shit out of him. He just wants loot from his bogus speeches he charges a bunch for to listen to his bullshit. If you believe this shit then you are a fucking moron.

  12. Actually I wouldn`t mind being mind controlled by reptilians, if the alternative is to be mind controlled by humans. Between lizards and humans, lizards are definitely more chill

  13. eldgar gromleh
    April 5, 2019

    and you, David? what kind of lizard are you? I would like to know...

  14. Sempe John Leeuw
    April 5, 2019

    David Icke is taught me a lot ,Yes big up to that I respect him Mr David Icke ,What puzzles me is how or why does Mr Icke teach about Venus Mercury which they say are in line with the sun and are rotating around the sun yet we cant see both planets but can see the moon and the come mr Icke believe in aliens and the fake universe????

  15. Christal Joy Breeze
    April 5, 2019

    Brainwashing needs to be dismantled and is now as Earth vibrations rise and people see more

  16. Christal Joy Breeze
    April 5, 2019

    Thank you David Icke

  17. Jaime Quintana Sanchez
    April 5, 2019

    Flex like David icke
    I think I know the truth
    Flex like David icke

  18. tom warrilow
    April 5, 2019

    1234 likes that was me

  19. Charles Gabriel
    April 5, 2019

    Just lost a couple brain cells

  20. Felix Dorn
    April 5, 2019

    He mixes truth with absoluteley crazy lies very carefully. Therefore the audience has to decide to believe or not. So because of that, somehow Icke hypnotides his listeners. He is a Bad Liar who actually believes his lies. Which makes him even more dangerous.

  21. Kip Pearson
    April 5, 2019

    If this was true he’d be dead!!!

  22. Jon Mendez
    April 5, 2019

    3:05 Why is not Trump among the Reptiles, Pedophiles, ruling the world?

  23. Sam flies the helicopter
    April 5, 2019

    We're being controlled by Kardashians, they are reptilian

  24. Dark Light
    April 5, 2019

    The illuminati is exposed the truth is here. Discover the truth about the illuminati and who they are on exposing christianity, just google it!

  25. Will Derby
    April 5, 2019

    More Adders Milk from David Icke

  26. Harry Phillips
    April 5, 2019

    David is mentality ill.

  27. Reptilian alien
    April 5, 2019


  28. Raph Woozworld
    April 5, 2019

    How can you be so delusionnal

  29. DisneySuperheroTV
    April 5, 2019

    They are nothing and they want this planet to become nothing but dont blame everything on politicans because they are everywhere, u dont need to be politican to control minds of human beigns

  30. db
    April 5, 2019

    1900 - Stephen S. Wise, New York Times, June 11, 1900: "There are 6,000,000 living, bleeding, suffering arguments in favor of Zionism."
    1902 - Encyclopaedia Britannica, 10th Edition, Vol. 25, 1902, page 482: "While there are in
    Russia and Rumania six millions of Jews who are being systematically degraded ..."
    1902 - Samuel W. Goldstein, New York Times, November 27, 1902: "PLEA FOR ZIONISM
    ... In answer I would say: Does Dr. Silverman represent the 6,000,000 Jews in Russia,
    300,000 in Roumania and the 1,000,000 in Galicia?"
    1903 - The Jewish Criterion (Pittsburgh), September 18th, 1903, page 6: " ... six million
    downtrodden brethren."
    1904 - The Jewish Criterion (Pittsburgh), February 19th, 1904, page 2: " ... where five or six
    million people existed under persecution."
    1904 - The Jewish Criterion (Pittsburgh), October 7th, 1904, page 1: "... the final and
    definite deliverance of the six millions of Russian, Roumanian and Galician Jews ...
    transporting five or six million people over the sea."
    1904 - Israel Zangwill, New York Times, October 20, 1904: "The problem does not relate to
    the American Jews, but to the 6,000,000 in Russia. The Russian Government has consented
    to allow the Jews to leave,"
    1905 - New York Times, January 29th, 1905: "He declared that a free and a happy Russia,
    with its 6,000,000 Jews, would possibly mean the end of Zionism, since the abolition of the
    autocracy would practically eliminate the causes that brought Zionism into existence."
    1905 - New York Times, November 1st, 1905: "From 1800 to 1902 he caused 6,000,000
    Jewish families to be expelled from Russia ..."
    1906 - New York Times, March 25th, 1906: " ... the condition and future of Russia's
    6,000,000 Jews were made on March 12 in Berlin to the annual meeting of the Central Jewish
    Relief League of Germany by Dr. Paul Nathan ... He left St. Petersburg with the firm
    conviction that the Russian Government's studied policy for the "solution" of the Jewish
    question is systematic and murderous extermination."
    1907 - The Jewish Criterion (Pittsburgh), October 18th, 1907, page 13: " ... for six million
    people cannot emigrate.
    1908 - Deseret Evening News, March 17th, 1908: " ... poverty, starvation and disease are the
    afflictions which now beset the six million Jews in that country and Roumania."
    1908 - The Jewish Criterion (Pittsburgh), August 7th, 1908: " ... when six million Russian
    Jews are crying ..."
    1910 - The Jewish Criterion (Pittsburgh), February 4th, 1910: "SIX MILLION BABIES
    1911 - Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Vol. 2, 1911, page 145: "While there remain
    in Russia and Rumania over six millions of Jews who are being systematically degraded ..."

    1911 - Max Nordeau speaking at The 1911 Zionist Congress. Hecht, Ben. Perfidy. NY; Julian
    Messner. 1961. page 254: "But the same righteous Governments, who are so nobly, industriously active to establish the eternal peace, are preparing, by their own confession, complete annihilation for six million people,"
    1911 - Fort Wayne Journal Gazette (IN), June 4th, 1911, page 15: "PRINCE, PRIEST AND PEASANT WAGE WAR AGAINST SIX MILLION JEWS"
    1911 - The Jewish Criterion (Pittsburgh), August 18th, 1911, page 14: "Very soon a fervid
    Russian patriotism will reign in every Ghetto, and the melting-up of the race begin. But this absorption of the five or six million Jews ..."
    1911 - Max Nordeau, The Jewish Chronicle (London), August 18th, 1911, page 14: " ... the downfall of six million creatures ... for no war has ever yet destroyed six million human lives."
    1911 - The Jewish Criterion (Pittsburgh), August 25th, 1911: " ... six million Jews are still groaning under the most terrible yoke."
    1911 - Max Nordeau, The Jewish Criterion (Pittsburgh), September 1st, 1911, page 3: " ... the downfall of six million creatures ... for no war has ever yet destroyed six million human lives."
    1911 - Max Nordeau, The Reform Advocate (Chicago), September 9th, 1911: " ... the
    downfall of six million creatures ... for no war has ever yet destroyed six million human lives."
    1911 - New York Times, October 31st, 1911: "The 6,000,000 Jews of Russia are singled out for systematic oppression and for persecution due to process of law."
    1912 - American Jewish Year Book 5672 (23 Sep 1911-11 Sep 1912), page 308: "Russia has since 1890 adopted a deliberate plan to expel or exterminate six millions of its people for no other reason than that they refuse to become members of the Greek Church, but prefer to remain Jews.
    1912 - The Jewish Criterion (Pittsburgh), January 5th, 1912: " ... more than six million Jews reside in small towns and villages there is no Sabbath question."
    1912 - Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, New York Tribune, September 11th, 1912, page 9: "Russia is now asphyxiating the Jews. It does not dare to offend the nations by blood spilling, so it is
    slowly, but surely grinding out the lives of 6,000,000 Jews."
    1913 - Fort Wayne Journal Gazette (IN), October 18th, 1913, page 4: "There are six million Jews in Russia and the government is anxious to annihilate them by methods that provoke
    protests from the civilized world."
    1914 - The Jewish Criterion (Pittsburgh), July 10th, 1914, page 9: " ... where six million Jews are suffering ..."
    1914 - New York Times, December 2nd, 1914, page 12: "APPEAL FOR AID FOR JEWS. ... the plight of more than 6,000,000 Jews ... upon the Jewish people, more than nine millions of whom live in the countries at war and over six million of these in the actual war zone in Poland, Galicia and the whole of Russian frontier."
    1915 - New York Times, January 14th, 1915, page 3: "In the world today there are about 13,000,000 Jews, of whom more than 6,000,000 are in the heart of the war zone; Jews whose lives are at stake and who today are subjected to every manner of suffering and sorrow ..."
    1915 - The Jewish Criterion (Pittsburgh), March 19th, 1915: "How the casting of six million people into the deepest abyss of servitude and outlawry is to relieve tension we cannot understand."
    1915 - The Sun (NY), June 6, 1915, section 5, page 1: "Six million Jews, one-half of the Jewish people throughout the world, are being persecuted, hounded, humiliated, tortured,
    starved. ... six million Jews in Russia ... are being tortured so mercilessly."
    1915 - The Jewish Criterion (Pittsburgh), June 25th, 1915: "The annihilation of the six
    million Jews now congregated in the Russian domains goes on in a well defined and
    systematic manner.

  31. The Moon episode covers the whole damn thing from Annunaki to Reptillians... and the moon and sun having sex in my brain... sorted.

  32. flower child
    April 5, 2019

    David icke for the winπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ vice says A LOT of bulls**t.

  33. Emmet Ray
    April 5, 2019

    I suspect my apartment manager may be one.

  34. Flaschenteufel
    April 5, 2019

    i really wonder if he's maybe not that nuts and simply uses the lizard stuff for attention. Lizards away and you have some of the real major problems in the world we live in these days.

  35. chi chi
    April 5, 2019

    his actually correct.

  36. Spencer Eaton
    April 5, 2019

    i'm only here because I watched Captain Marvel and the Skrulls reminded me of this conspiracy theory. lol

  37. Alex Oliver
    April 5, 2019

    David's made an exceptional career from being insane, good on him!! 😁

  38. Anna Torey
    April 5, 2019

    Do people actually believe this crap? David is just pulling sh!t out of his fat ass without evidence.

  39. ricky4mel
    April 5, 2019

    Ike is a nut making money from other nuts

  40. Vj Avzone
    April 5, 2019


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