Soul-Bonded to the Alien (Alien Mates book one)

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Calix was the enforcer for his king. They came to earth years ago as children and learned to blend in with society. When he was called to California to help find the missing mate of an Arbrin he went, never suspecting he would find his own mate.

Paige spent her life keeping her secrets close to her chest. Loneliness became a way of life for her. She never dreamed one look at a man in an alley could make her yearn for so much more. Yearning turned to fear as she watched him shift into a monster. Now she was on the run from the one thing she wanted to run to.

Calix and Paige will have to work through what she saw as well as conquer the evil that has been planted inside of her if they ever wish to have a happily ever after.

This book contains adult content. It is not intended for readers under the age of 18.